Profiles Of Successful Muslim Businesswomen: Part 1

According to the doctrine that is taught by Islam, education is very important. Prophet Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, told his people that seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim, male and female. According to the teachings of Islam, if you educate a male, you educate an individual but if you educate a female, you educate an entire nation. Islam did not prevent women from being educated or running businesses because even Prophet Muhammad’s wife Khadija was a successful business woman. There are a lot of educated, remarkable and successful Muslim women all over the world who are exploring their careers, lives and ideas to bring about innovation. These women were not restricted by their gender or religious beliefs.




Buzz feed listed Deena Fadel among the 16 women who are making changes in the Arab world. She is an Egyptian national who was born and raised in the UK, where she also studied art and design. As a young innovative entrepreneur, she resigned from her full-time job at an advertising agency to start her own company that specializes in designing home accessories. Fadel has two showrooms in Egypt and also sells her products in online boutiques all over the Middle East. As a young Egyptian female business woman, she advises young female aspirants to not let the fear of failure keep them from following their passion.

Randa Abdou


Randa is also another Egyptian entrepreneur and successful Muslim business woman. She is the founder and pioneer of Marketing Mix Consultancy in 1996. After some years, she started a company called Creative Lab Advertising. Her company had international clients all over the world such as Mobil, Chipsy, Barclays, Alliance and more. Randa said nothing came easy in her life but with hard work, dedication and perseverance, she was able to achieve her goals. In an interview, she said, “Whatever I asked for, I didn’t really get, except for when I worked hard.”

Nisreen Shocair 


Nisreen Shoacair was named as one of the 100 most powerful women in Arabia in 2014 by Forbes.  She was awarded female CEO of the year and Businesswoman of the year by Women in Leadership in 2011. She is the Regional President of Virgin Megastores in the Middle East. Virgin Megastore is a top entertainment brand and retailer in the Middle East. Nisreen has an MBA from London Business School and Columbia University. She is also a past employee of Sony Music and Hearst Entertainment.

Laila Mohammed Suhail


Laila is one of the most successful Emirati women in The United Arab Emirates. She was born and raised in Dubai. Laila is the CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE). She also received an award from the Ruler of Dubai for gathering a substantial amount sponsorship during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2001. She is a strong promoter of the Emirati culture and enhancing UAE’s tourism sector.

Finally, there are a lot of successful Muslim women all over the world. There is a fine line between why women choose to be Muslims and the lives they choose to live. Muslim women are not limited based on their religious, cultural or social beliefs. You can be a Muslim woman and a leader.

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