Promoting UAE’s women-owned business

In today’s world, the dream career for many is setting up a business and to work for themselves.

But do they really know what makes a successful entrepreneur?

Do they have a trusting instinct? A combination of innovation, organisation and vision?

Well these are few of the attributes that makes up a successful entrepreneur. In the UAE however, women are leading in the entrepreneurship world and according to the UAE Ministry of Economy, women contribute nearly half of the UAE’s SME sector. This increases the importance of a woman’s role in society particularly in areas such as politics, education, society etc.

It has also been said that female entrepreneurs are able to better understand challenges and would look for solutions the same instant. Looking at data in the Middle East, only 7.6 per cent of women are early-stage entrepreneurs compared to 11.8 per cent of men. Even though the number of female entrepreneurs has increased, they still face some barriers such as; lack of access to equal financial options as their male counterparts.

So far on an interview which had been carried out in my entrepreneurial career- it was noted that the salary expectations for me is higher than that of females.

It will surely take time to take care of this gender imbalance and therefore it still remains a critical challenge. There has also been lack of coaching opportunities as well as networks for women but nevertheless, some struggle to make it to the top.

As a way forward, the UAE is planning to make strides in this sector; having in mind that the UAE is known to be a leader in gender equality within the region.

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