Riyadh’s New Women’s Telecom Complex Finally opens

In Riyadh, the district of Al-Remal witnessed the official opening of the first women’s telecom centre, an initiative that has received high commendation by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

The induction was attended by the ministry’s officials including Director of the Guided Localization Program, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shafieiwho addressed the occasion. He reasoned that the nationalization of the telecom sector is due to the ministry’s relentless efforts in Saudizing salespersons and maintaining professionals. Al-Shafieifurther took the opportunity to introduce numerous programs to business owners which inspire Saudi nationals to boardthe telecom sector. Some of these include free training programs (no price tag) in the fields of maintenance, salesmanship, and effective customer service.

The free training programs occur at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation [TVTC] and other such incentives. The Director added that the ministry has seen progressive cooperation from business men engaged in the telecom sector,while they support the directive aiming to employ Saudi men and women. He extended his appreciations to investors for their unswerving efforts and urged them to continue such partnership.

The inauguration was also attended by Deputy Minister for Special Programs, Abdulmunim Al-Shehri, who emphasized that the Kingdom’s female workforce is capable of being highly productive so long as women have access to the proper and safe work atmosphere in the private sector. He believes that the new telecom sector has a tendency to yield attractive job opportunities for women.

Al-Hameed said that businessmen have shown support for the nationalization of the sector implemented by the ministry as they prepare exclusive space for women owners to set up their own businesses and allow female shoppers to purchase mobile phones and get them fixed by female workers in a private atmosphere.

Abdulrahman Al-Hameed, the Complex’s ownerreasoned that the telecom has prepared a special department for women that meet the requirements of the work environment. According to him, this has been set by the ministry and it provides services such as bathrooms, break rooms, cafeteria and vibrant security guards. He added that businessmen have shown support for the nationalization of the sector implemented by the ministry as they prepare exclusive work spaces for women to carry out their own businesses.

What’s more interesting, the complex makes room for transportation means for female business owners since it also offers a free three-month rent for applicants so they can eventually establish their own businesses, Allah-willing.

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