Social Interaction In Islam (Rules)-Part 1

Every society differs from one another. The difference is as a result of, culture, norm, values, traditions, customs and formalities.

social interaction

Below is an Islamic perceptive on general rules;


Aside Allah and the prophet (SAW), parents are the most important. They’re the ones that brought you to earth, feed, cover your body with clothes and put a roof above your head.

As mentioned in the hadith, a person came to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and asked ‘To whom should I do a good deed?’ The Prophet replied ‘To your mother’ for four times and then on the fifth, He mentioned father.

Whatever good deed you do towards your parents will come back to you, it’ll be used as a shield against hell fire.

The elderly

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us to respect the elderly and to honor them. In one of this statements the prophet said; ‘One who recognizes the virtue of an elder person and honors him for his age, Allah shall protect him from the fear of the Day of Judgment.’

This clearly talks about how important it is to respect the elderly.


‘There are three kinds of neighbors’ said by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

  • The ones with three rights-The right of relationship, the right of Islam and the right of neighborhood.
  • The ones with two rights- The right of neighborhood and the right of Islam.
  • The ones with one right- The right of neighborhood (non-Muslims).

In Islam, the rights of a neighbor is equal to both the Muslims and the non-Muslims. During the Prophet’s life, he continuously talked good about his neighbors that everyone thought he’ll give a share of his estate to them.

Husband and wife

Prophet Muhammad said, ‘If a man has a wife who harasses him, Allah will neither accept her ritual prayer nor any of her good deeds —until she has pleased him— even if she fasts and prays at all times, emancipates slaves, and gives away her wealth in charity for the sake of Allah. She will be the first to enter the Fire.

He also said ‘And the husband has the same burden and chastisement, if he is a harasser and unjust.’

Visiting one another

The hadiths from the Prophet has put a lot of emphasis on visiting one another. The idea behind visiting is to maintain relationships, fulfilling needs and shows an act of kindness (especially visiting the sick).

In one of the verses He stated ‘Anyone who visits his brother for the sake of Allah, Almighty Allah will say, ‘You have visited Me, therefore your reward is upon Me, and I will not be satisfied with a reward for you less than Paradise.’


This is just the first part, every social interaction part will be touch and emphasized on.

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