Spending On Halal Tourism- Expected to Grow at 4.4%

According to a study carried out by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry it has been found that spending on family/halal tourism in the UAE is expected to have an increment of 4.4% (compared to the previous year).

The UAE is one of the ‘top’ destinations for family tourism and according to the study what was previously mentioned the outbound family travel expenditure of Emiratis is also expected to rise by 3.6%.

Iran, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait stand behind 40% of total Muslim expenditure on travel.

According to the Global Travel Index for 2016, Turkey was ranked first then followed the UAE and in terms of Muslim travel friendliness, Malaysia was ranked first.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce said in a statement that “Industry experts expect families from the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] countries who seek cultural experiences and Muslim-friendly facilities to increasingly target the UAE, Morocco, and Asian destinations such as Malaysia and Indonesia in 2016. However, visits to Turkey are expected to drop, dragged down by the recent political instability”.

Dubai Chamber also added “Spending in the global Muslim travel segment is forecast to hit $200 billion by 2020, driven by the growth in the number of Muslim travelers from the current 117 million to an estimated 168 million travelers worldwide by 2020”.

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