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A lot of people, Muslims or not, seem to think that women in Islam are oppressed and burdened, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. These excerpts will show you that the only real distinction made between men and women


A true Muslim has compassion for all living things for he is secure in the knowledge that it is his Creator that created those living things as well. Below we bring you some Quranic verses that touches on animals and


Islam teaches that the most pious and believing of Muslims spend the nights in worship of Allah (SWT). To read accurately transliterated Qu’ranic verses on nights. #1. And remember We appointed forty nights for Moses, and in his absence ye


The following quotes do not just refer to ill-health but evil hearts, people with bad intentions towards others, etc. Read on to find out more. #1. There is no blame on those who are infirm, or ill, or who find


The following Qu’ranic excerpts will tell you a lot about the Islam’s stance on Nights. #1.But is the (Unbelievers) are arrogant, (no matter): for in the presence of thy Lord are those who celebrate His praises by night and by


Of course, Shaytaan is known as the ultimate misguider but Islam also recognizes Man as a misguider to himself. Every day we see people who claim to be Muslim do horrendous acts that are clearly against what Islam teaches. A