The 6 Values an Engaging Boss Should Have

Most of the time, when one thinks about the future, they imagine a life with loads of money, being the boss of their company and uncountable cars in their garage.

Well that is a lovely dream, isn’t it? However, being a boss and earning a buck-load of money does not happen overnight. Like the famous saying that goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, being a boss and a great one for that matter will take a lot of time, experience and most importantly, values.


You would not want your name on the list of “The Worst Bosses That Ever Lived”, now would you?

So take a look at the few qualities that a real boss should have…

#1. Honesty

The fact is the way you act is observed by others. If you want to see a change in the attitudes of your employees then you have to show them what character you want from them.

Honesty and ethical behavior play a key role in managing a team of employees. If asked what they wanted from their boss other than an increase in salary of course, they will surely say transparency.

Therefore, do not hesitate in being transparent and straightforward with regards to running the company and managing their welfare.

Once they see you are being transparent or honest with them, they will recognize and appreciate that. Your business and its employees are a reflection of yourself, and if you make honest and ethical behavior a key value, your team will follow suit.

Encourage your team to live up to this standard. By emphasizing these standards, and displaying them yourself, you will hopefully influence the office environment into a friendly and helpful workplace.

#2. Communication

Knowing what you want accomplished may seem clear in your head, but if you try to explain it to someone else and are met with a blank expression, you know there is a problem. Being able to clearly describe what you want done is vital. If you can’t relate your vision to your team, you won’t be able to work towards the same goal.

Creating a productive work environment demands that tasks are communicated effectively and that they are understood. Making it a point to talk to your staff on a daily basis and making yourself available to discuss interoffice issues is vital. Your team will learn to trust and depend on you, and will be more determined to work harder.

Guiding your team through tough tasks, when certain things seem to go wrong, is a sign of good managerial skills. Morale is linked to productivity, and it’s your job as the team leader to instill a positive energy. That’s where your sense of humor will do the trick. Encourage your team to laugh at the mistakes instead of crying. If you constantly learn to find the humor in the struggles, your work environment will become a happy and healthy place, where your employees look forward to working in.

#3. Confidence

As is natural with businesses, it is a rollercoaster ride. Things will not always go smoothly and it is during those times that the test of good leadership is activated. Your job as a boss is to maintain good morale among the employees and to encourage them during those daunting times.

Keep your confidence level up and assure them that failures do happen but it is only a time to learn more and brace yourself up. As the leader, by staying calm and confident, you will help keep the team feeling the same. Your employees will follow your lead, so if you display a level of calm damage control, your team will pick up on that feeling.

#4. Commitment

You want your team to put on ‘seriousness’ suit and work to their fullest? The magic potion is staying committed yourself.

How would you expect proper delivery and punctuality from your staff if you are always late to work yourself and hardly aid in certain tasks?

There is no greater motivation than seeing the boss down in the trenches working alongside everyone else. By doing this, you will not only earn the respect of your team but you will be able to encourage hard-work from them.

It’s important to show your commitment not only to work, but also to your promises. If you pledged to host a holiday party keep your word. You want to be known as a fair leader. Once you have gained your team’s respect, they will be able to deliver the peak amount of quality work possible.

#5. Positive Attitude

No one wants a grumpy, sadistic boss. You want to keep your team motivated towards the continued success of the company. Whether you have to provide snacks, coffee, or even just an occasional beer in the office, remember that every one of your employees are people. Let the office have some droplets of fun here and there to add to the work atmosphere.

If your team is feeling happy and upbeat, they wouldn’t doing some extra work. Brilliant, isn’t it?

#6. Creativity

As a leader, it is important to learn to think outside the box and to make the best choices even in difficult situations.

Some decisions will not always be definite. You may be forced at times to make a sudden decision. This is where your creativity will matter a lot. It is during these critical situations that your team will look to you for guidance and you may be forced to make a quick decision.

Don’t jump into any new decisions. It is best to give these issues some thought, and rely on your team for guidance.

With these five necessary but quite difficult values to attain, you will be able to be the boss that you need to be and the one that your employees need.

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