The Dream Has Come True For Egypt…28 Years Later

After a 28 year absence, Egypt will finally be playing at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. On Sunday October 8th, 2017, the Pharaohs turned their bad luck dating back to 1990 into good luck as they finally secured their place at the coveted international event after trashing Congo in a 2-1 defeat.

The victory puts Egypt at a clear 4 points lead ahead of all other contenders in their Group E. With only one game remaining in the qualifying rounds, Egypt has a comfortable lead that none of its other rivals in the group can surpass.

Mohamed Saleh is today a household name in Egypt. Last night football fans from across the country where shown shouting the name of the man whose two goals in Sunday’s match helped secure the Pharaoh’s early seat in what has now become Football’s greatest event.

Immediately after the final whistle from the central referee, more than 85,000 supporters flooded the streets of Cairo waving their national flag and singing songs honouring the victory. Supporters partied late into the night to early in the morning as a result of the overwhelming joy that gripped the North African country as a result of the reversal of their football fortunes.

Posting on social media, one happy supporter summed up the mood of his fellow countrymen; “The dream has come true, after 28 Years of absence, after multiple trials year after another we finally DID IT!!Persist to Exist!”

Another commentator said; “Egypt deserves to be in World cup too long ago and we are sure that they will make a very good performance and all African and Arabs will be proud of Egypt. Thanks M.Salah and Thanks to all players”.

Egypt is the 15th country to qualify for next year’s World Cup. 16 other teams are yet to qualify and Russia as the host country was given automatic qualifications. The world cup is scheduled to be played in Russia from June14th-July 15th next year.

Russia is planning to stage the event across 13 cities in 16 stadiums. 13 of the stadiums are currently being built while the remaining three are being refurbished to meet current standards.

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