The legal aspects of commercial agencies was the main topic of discussion in the Dubai Chamber workshop

The primary goal of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce is to raise awareness about the legal aspect of transacting business in Dubai with register and likewise non-registered businesses. The Dubai Chamber joined forces with Al Tamimi and Co. in organizing the “Commercial Agencies in the UAE” workshop which was held at the Chamber grounds on Thursday.
Among those who attended the workshop were the Dubai Chamber members, business representatives, lawyers and legal practitioners, general managers, business owners and corporate counsels.
During the workshop, a better understanding was made about the relevance of laws on various UAE businesses. To an effect, these laws regulate, protect and guide business entities in the UAE.
Marcus Wallman, Partner, and Robert Roberts, Associate, Commercial Advisory, Al Tamimi, who chaired the workshop pointed out the requirements of the Chamber and also went ahead to inform investors that are aiming to start their business about how to establish their business the legal way.
The importance of Commercial Agencies to the international trade’s network was emphasized by the Director, Legal Service, Dubai Chambers, and Jehad Kazim. He also discussed the key sectors in Dubai’s business communities. In the competitive world of Dubai’s business, it is very important for commercial agencies to be supported because they also contribute immensely to the economy of the country.
She went on saying “the workshop gave useful guide and clearly explained the legal challenges related to commercial agencies and the importance of laws to the establishment of new business entities as well as those existing businesses to prevent them from facing constrains in years to come.”
Wallman also commented that “Commercial agencies having been playing a key role in the Dubai economy and will continue to be an important part of the UAE economy. Hence it is very importance all new business entities to be aware of all the UAE laws surrounding businesses.”
“A lot of disputes in the past might have been avoided if business agencies had a better understanding of the consequences of the UAE laws from the beginning. We are pleased to be given an opportunity by the opportunity to be able to give an overview of the important legal issues brought in relation to such arrangements.”

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