The White Helmets and reasons why we think they should have won a Noble Peace Price

Who are the White helmets?

The White Helmets is a Syria Civil Defence organization that operates in rebel-controlled Syria during the Syrian Civil War and they have been in existence since 2013. It is headed by Raed Saleh and they’re known in many parts of the world.

Quite a lot of people taught that the White Helmets would have been awarded a Noble Peace Price this year. Instead, the price that was meant for them was giving to the Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos for the role of trying to bring peace to his country.

The White Helmets didn’t win a Nobel Prize but they’ve won the hearts of many.

Below are the reason why we think White Helmets should have won a noble price

They’ve saved about 62,000 lives

They remind people (in times of conflict) the best in them.

They’re always the first respondents

Hope still remains even after the darkest nights

Even though they are targeted by Putin and Assad, we still carry on their work

140 of their volunteers have been martyred, yet they continue to work

They work in places where there isn’t any medical facility- thus being the only hope for people

Their famous slogan “To save a life, is to save all of humanity” has been the centre of their work



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