Tips for Muslim parents: Talking to your kids about Jesus

For Muslims living in Christian-dominated countries, Christmas can be a confusing time for the kids. Christmas, according to Christians is an event to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Muslims also believe in Jesus, just not in the same way as Christians.

Therefore, it is very crucial for Muslim parents to educate their children about Prophet Jesus, who is called Esa in Arabic (may peace be upon him). Telling the kids about Jesus (pbuh) will not only serve as an important islamic lesson, but would also help them to see the similarities between Islam and other religions. That will help breed tolerance and respect for other religions, while understanding the facts. Here are some facts about Jesus (pbuh) from Quran and Hadith:

  1. Jesus/ Esa (pbuh) was a great and noble Prophet and Messenger of Allah, just like Prophet Muhammed, Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Musa (may peace be upon them all) to name a few.


  1. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was born to a woman called Maryam (pbuh). Maryam is called Mary in English. She was a very honourable woman, and one of the greatest women who ever lived. She was a very pious woman who spent her whole life in the worship of Allah. There is a chapter of the Quran named after her, its surah 19.

Tip: Read the surah especially verse 16-35


  1. Jesus (pbuh) did not have a father. That is why his birth was a miracle because other human beings need to have a father and mother to be born. Allah created him and sent the Angel Jibreel to put the spirit of Jesus inside his mother.


  1. Jesus (pbuh) is not the only Prophet who was born without a father. Prophet Adam was created without a father or a mother. That is because Allah is powerful and He can create anything from nothing. When Allah wants to create something, He says “Be” and it becomes.


  1. Prophet Jesus was able to do miracles because Allah gave him the power to do so. He could make the blind to see and the leper to walk. Prophet Musa was also given miracles. He could turn a stick into a snake and he could split the sea in two with his stick. Prophet Muhammed also did miracles. He could hear the animals talk, he could speak with the Jinns, he could make water flow from his hands like a fountain and many more.


  1. Christians also believe in Jesus. But Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God. Muslims do not believe that because Muslims believe God is too powerful and self-sufficient that He does not need anyone.


  1. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross, but Muslims believe that he did not die. Rather, he was raised up to the heavens by God, and he will return before the world ends to lead the Muslims.


  1. Muslims must respect other people’s beliefs and opinions even if they are different from what they believe.



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