Tips on Building Communication Skills in the Work Place

In today’s day and age, it is difficult for a Muslim to find a halal job, one that is ethical, clean, but most importantly that offers a halal environment. Most of us, especially those who live in the west, are caught up in open office environments, which are mostly mixed environments with no clear code of interaction between the two sexes. These environments are seldom safe from social dramas, love stories, tensions, and what is now known as “office politics”.to cut the discussion short below are some tips you will find vital.
Make sure the job you’re working at is at least halal (from an ethical and religious point of view), it’s bad enough you having to face work with a non-halal environment, at least make sure the income you earn is halal.

Set your religious parameters

when you begin work: Prayer times, Friday Prayer breaks, not shaking hands with those of the inverse sex, whatever it is, ensure it turns out to be clear when you join. The best approach to do it, is not to declare these activities, but rather just go about and do them, as though anticipating that the other individual should get it. In the event that they bring up any issues, then you clarify quickly about your religious traditions and obligations, else you may really expound on the off chance that they indicate more intrigue. In the event that you’ve had an awful begin to the occupation, and now all of a sudden you need supplication breaks/Friday break and so on, expect some resistance, and individuals saying “great, he didn’t used to supplicate before!?” Best thing here is to address your chief about your new requests and clarify its significance.

Grin, talk, and be amiable to everybody

Try not to frame smaller than usual gatherings inside the workplace, you would prefer not to be connected with ‘them parts’ or ‘those over yonder’, be impartial, and you’ll stay away from 99% of office legislative issues. This is particularly valid in the event that they are a gathering of Muslims/Non-Muslims in your office, be lovely to both sides.

Never at any point tattle/slander

It’s taboo in our religion, and will just lead you to inconvenience. I help you here to remember the perilous repercussions of defaming, basic read Chapter 49, Verse 12, where Allah says: “O ye who accept! Evade suspicion however much (as could reasonably be expected): for suspicion now and again is a transgression: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Might any of you want to eat the substance of his dead sibling? Nay, ye would severely dislike it… But fear Allah. For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.” On the off chance that other individuals begin tattling, endeavor to change the subject, or basically overlook it, never at any point stoke the flame!

Don’t give the wrong impression

On the off chance that a man begins amusing you with their sexual adventures, night out stories or talk up musings about another individual from staff. Try not to stand listening unless you can’t escape, in which case, on the off chance that you need to stand or stay there, just rationally make a rundown of the things you have to do as such you look unengaged yet not impolite. In the event that you can change the subject then do as such if not pull back. On the off chance that somebody asks ‘don’t you think that its entertaining?’, simply say ‘its not by any stretch of the imagination my amusingness’ or a major grin and ‘not by any stretch of the imagination’. Keep in mind to grin, that way you are not annoying.

Expect the unexpected

On the off chance that anybody begins prodding you or making jokes about your conduct, for example, perusing the Quran, then a laugh and ‘well its the best book I’ve ever perused’ will work wonders. I locate a half chuckle, half grin, shrug and ‘well that is the manner by which I am’ works wonders. Offer a religious clarification on the off chance that somebody asks straight out and not amid prodding.

Be polite but preoccupied

If the office is mixed (which will most probably be the case) and any woman or man starts hitting on you just refuse to be drawn and make certain your behavior is exemplary. Never allow a woman or man to stand too close to you or walk you into a corner.  This Invites trouble. If they do, reverse quietly. If you find anyone starts getting too personal, buys you gifts, food or hangs about by your desk, then be polite but slightly preoccupied.

Be cautious of distractions

On the off chance that you end up getting pulled in to an individual from staff in the workplace (it happens, we’re just human! and Shaytaan is buckling down) approach Allah for direction and quality, and begin doing willful fasts, it’ll push these contemplations away and set your brain straight.

Treat all equally

Most vital individuals in the building are the bolster staff, e.g. post room, gathering, cleaners. Continuously give them a neighborly welcome and a grin and on the off chance that they purge your canister whilst you are there express gratitude toward them, yet keep the grin quieted in the event that they are from the inverse sex.
I hope these few tips are useful.

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