Top 5 Reasons To Invest in Real Estate in the UAE

#1. Economic and political stability

There seems to be a general misconception about the UAE’S economy, with most people viewing it as oil-dependent. Despite having one of the greatest reserves of oil in the world, taking a more insightful look at the economy shows that over 70% of its GDP comes from non-oil sectors. This shows the strength of the economy as they have diversified their economy meaning even a slump in oil prices will have a negligible effect on their GDP.

#2. Great Returns on Rent

Despite the recent slump in the real estate market in Dubai, rental yield in the region remains one of the highest in the world. A research by revealed the returns in some areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be as high 8% and 10% respectively. One of the hottest areas for investing in real estate in Dubai is in Sharjah, where tenants come in quick and fast.

Compared to one of best countries in the world for rental returns, London for example, the UAE is doing quite well as its rental yield doubles that of London which stands at 4%.

Furthermore the region is one of the most stable politically in the world. Investors aren’t too keen to invest in volatile and unstable regions for obvious reasons so the leaders of all 7 Emirate nations have taken huge steps to make the region safe.

#3. Tax-haven

If the first two points aren’t compelling enough, this one should do the trick. The Emirates is a tax-free region except for foreign banks and oil companies. That means you don’t have any tax on your income and properties. So no more disposable income, say hello to FULL income.

#4. State of the Art Infrastructure and Ports

Tall buildings and skyscrapers have become synonymous with Dubai, the most iconic being the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building the world). They also have the tallest residential building in the world in Dubai Marina, the Princess Tower.

In addition to that navigation in the region is one of the best in the world, with impressive roads, railways and ports. Not only is it easy to move around in the region, it is also fast and cheap

#5. Economically Strategic Location

The UAE is also located in an economically strategic region. Its state of the art ports coupled with being located in the centre of the world makes it a hub for businesses from all over the world.

More and more business are setting up headquarters in the Emirates as it is easy to move from the East to the West. Added to that is the added bonus of a tax-free system, every business’ dream. This also attracts top quality workers from all over the world, because of high salaries and bonuses.

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