Traits/signs of a hypocrite in Islam

A hypocrite is anyone who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs and principles that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (RA) says that Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Four traits whoever possesses them is a hypocrite and whoever possesses some of them has an element of hypocrisy until he leaves it: the one who when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise, when he disputes he transgresses and when he makes an agreement he violates it.” (Muslim and Bukhari)

Hypocrites are all around us at home, work place, among friends and even family but how can we tell them, below are a few tricks/ attributes.

Constantly lies when he speaks
One of the worst and gravest sins is lying. It is highly prohibited from every aspect of human (morally, religiously and culturally) as it is a means to immorality and leads the person to the hell fire (we ask Allah (S.W.T.) for refuge from that). Imam Bukhari and Muslim reported that the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said, “Honesty guides to righteousness, and righteousness guides to paradise, and a person does preserve his honesty until Allah (S.W.T.) gives him recognition for being honest.” The prophet added, “and dishonesty guides to immorality, and immorality leads to the Hell-Fire, and a person does preserve his dishonesty until Allah (S.W.T.) gives him recognition for being dishonest.”

Can’t Keep to Promise
Whoever promised another of good thing and did not fulfill it, then he would have a quality of hypocrisy. Allah (S.W.T.) said in the Quran;
“And fulfill (every) covenant. Verily! The covenant, will be questioned about.”
(surah 17v34)
Imam Bukhari reported that the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said, “A man from the children of Israel, asked someone to lend him a thousand dinars until a set date. Someone lent him the money, and when the time came that man wanted to pay it off. He went out to the sea to go to the lender, but could not find a ship; thus, he took a piece of wood and drilled a hole through it, then he put in it a thousand dinar and threw it in the sea. The lender came out in another sea shore to find the log before him, and he took it as a fire wood to his family and when he sawed it, he found his money in it”. Because of his eagerness to payoff the debt on time, Allah (S.W.T.) has helped him in directing the money to its owner.

Easily Betrays a Trust
Trusts are of many types. It may be in the form of money and in the form of rights. There are some Muslims who are conscious about money trusts, but are not conscious about the rights and duties that Allah trust every one of us with. Thus, yourself is a trust given to you by Allah. Your wealth, which you gather is a trust, entrusted to you by Allah. The time that you made use of is also a trust. Again your health, your youth, your mind, your hearing, and your vision, are all trusts to you from Allah. Also your wife and children are a trust entrusted to you by Allah. Your community is a trust entrusted to you by Allah. And the most important trust is the deen of Allah that entrusted you with. So let us beware betraying all of these trusts or the loss of them, surely Allah will question us, on that, on the day of Judgment.
The preservation of all of the trusts that we have mentioned lies in observing Allah’s rights in them. And to follow the commands of Allah in all of them. Allah (S.W.T.) said in the Quran
“Those who are faithfully true to their trusts and to their covenants.”
(surah 23 v8)

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