UAE consumers most intimate car brands

It has been said that UAE’s auto market experienced an unbearable year. This is as a result of consumers holding back on new car purchases as well as not doing anything to add up to their financial obligations. However, the market circumstances have in no way dented the exalted status automotive brands have in the consumer psyche.

That would be enough to get five of them figure into the top 10 UAE “Brand Intimacy” rankings put out annually by the consultancy MBLM. BMW was in second spot, and ahead of Ford, Lexus, Audi and Mercedes. Narrowing it down further, four of the top five intimate brands were from automotive. For the record, Apple was the brand UAE consumers felt the most intimate about.

As a matter of fact, the automotive industry (as a whole) had an average brand intimacy quotient 50.9. This is the highest among all the consumer-facing sectors and 21.5 points above the cross-industry average. Technology /Telecom and financial services came in second and third-respectively.

This shows that there is a minimal link between how a consumer perceives a brand and how that particular industry might be faring at a particular time.

“Car owners feel both strongly satisfied with a product that is reliable and safe … but also choose brands that uniquely represent them and their life. So much so, the car reflects their identity. The (MBLM) study dimensionalises the UAE consumers’ love of cars and automotive industry’s power to create emotional bonds” said William Shintani-Partner at MBLM.

“Looking a bit deeper into the data on the characteristics of the bond consumers have with the automotive brands they use, we find “fulfilment” and “identity” do particularly well.”

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