Uber Launches Cash Payment Option in the UAE

With the main aim to examine the current market, Uber asked its customers about the services they offer and they’ve found out that most of them would like to pay for the goods or services they want in cash.

Credit cards are mainly used to make purchases and it has just been announced by the company that Uber has introduced a cash payment option for rider in the UAE.

A car booking App is now easier! It has additional payment options to cover payments for rides. All you need is the Uber app then to click on the option to either used Cash payment or Credit payment. This new cash payment feature will gradually move across the UAE.

The test for this new option is only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and once it is ensured of not having problems. It’ll be available to the entire world.

Customers across in the middle-east (Egypt, Istanbul, Amman, Cairo, Jeddah, Alexandria, Lahore, to name a few) are excited to get this new feature. Uber in already within these countries and it’ll take a few months to get this payment option to them.

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