Unilever, the most popular graduate employer in the UAE

Most university graduates are lucky to gain employment at the Dubai-based airline Emirates Group. According to results from an online research the Emirates Group has been recognized to be the most popular employers of new university graduates in the UAE which is followed by international shopper goods company Unilever.
The results of the study conducted on 300 graduates and final year students from the well renowned American University of Sharjah, which accommodates foreign and local students from all over the country by GulfTalent’s indicated that construction and finance are the main areas that graduates studies followed by consumer goods.
Furthermore the study also pointed out the there is a difference in preferences in working sectors amongst expatriate students and local students. 91% of expatriate student opted for working in foreign organizations, whereas 63% of local Emirati graduates opted working for government-owned organizations.
However the local Emirati private sector firms seems to be the least favored among both UAE national graduates and expatriates.
Amongst organizations that are highly ranked for employing new graduates are ADNOC, Mubadala and Etisalat.
The ten most ranked popular Employers for Emirati Graduates includes ASNOC, Mubadala, Etisalat, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Emaar, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, United Nations and Masdar.
The GulfTalent’s study also highlighted that major reasons behind graduates choices of employers. Most graduates are driven by an organizations ability to conduct interesting and challenging work, the quality of the training and development programs and finally the company’s brand and reputation.
It was rather surprising to find out that graduates did not show much interest in the salary paid by these organizations.
However there was huge gap difference between the salary paid to Emirati graduates and expatriate graduates, with Emirati students earning DH27, 000 ($7,350) per month while expatriate graduates have Dh9, 000.
There are also graduates that are hoping to have international jobs and were attracted to employers that offered such opportunities. Results from the study showed that the USA, followed by the UK then Canada were the top countries graduates wished to live and work.
Job security amongst graduates
According to surveys, 33% of Emirati graduates have gained employment offers even before graduating as opposed to the 18% of expatriate graduates.
When questions were raised as to what was the most important factor that employers were looking for in graduates, expatriate graduates in particular stated that having 1-2 years job experience was a main criteria.
However for Emirati graduates English language was a great barrier to them as compared to expatriate graduates who consider the English language as a minor challenge.
Further questions were raised as to what they want to achieve after graduating. 67% of students said they hope to get employed, 27% wished to further their studies, 2% have plans to take part in their family business and 4% aim to begin their own business.

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