Want to know which Muslim fashion vloggers slayed 2016? Read this!

These vloggers have taken hijabi fashion to a whole different level and shattered western misconceptions about hijabi women; how they’re oppressed and not restricted to home-caring and child-bearing. Read on to find out who these phenomenal women are.

  1. Dina Tokio


Dina can be called the rock star of the hijab fashion vloggers. The UK-based Egyptian is one of the first Muslim fashion youtube vloggers.

  1. Eswaratti


From tips on designing bracelets, perfect messy bun, prepare delicious snacks, etc, Mimi sprinkles humour into everything. Most of her ingredients are what you’ll already have at home.

  1. Amena


The UK based beauty and lifestyle vlogger is a make-up guru. You can find product reviews, makeup tutorials and tips on living healthy. Amena also has  her own brand called Pearl Daisy. She designs what she calls ‘Hoojabs’ (hooded hijabs) and accessories. Having launched her own makeup company, Ardere Cosmetics, and Lashionery, where she sells false eyelashes, Amena gives a hint of her everyday life, sharing vlogs with her husband.

  1. Ruba Zai


Also known as Hijabhills, Ruba Zai resonates with every modest woman of any age with her hijab panaches for different events. She keeps up with the latest trends and glams up effortlessly.

  1. Nabiila Bee



Like Dina, Nabiila is also UK based but Russian Algerian.  Her sophisticated style reeks of elegance.  You can also find hijab and makeup tutorials on her feed.

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    Also, pictures of Ruba Zai and Nabilabee are incorrect. Youh have different people pictured next to their names. Very unprofessional.

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