Want to know which Muslim fashion vloggers slayed 2016? Read this! (Part two)

Perhaps you haven’t had enough of those amazing vloggers, here’s some more that’ll definitely pique your curiousity.

  1. Sebinaah

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Her individuality with fashion differentiates her. Sebina also gives opinions on current issues and life-changing tips.

  1. Omaya Zein


Humorously sarcastic, witty language she uses in her vlogs set her apart. She also talks about her experiences on daily life which makes it all the more interesting.

  1. Saimastyleslike



She’s not just a vlogger, Saima Chowdhury is also a Fashion blogger and a photographer. She also includes anime recommendations to styling tips for a date night or Valentine’s Day in her vlogs

  1. Lookamillionlookamillionlookamillion.JPG-1

This vlogger has an absolutely gorgeous bold look that just demands attention. She is a makeup artist, blogger and a vlogger as well. Her mother is also vlogs on fashion and makeup as ‘Mummillion’.

  1. Nadira037


US-based Nadira037 is well known for her do-it-yourself videos. She also includes sewing tutorials and style tips for the creative minds. Watching her vlogs is inspiration enough for any aspiring designer.

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