What Does Islam Teach About Pride?

According to Prophet Muhammad, pride is a disease. Pride is one of the greatest sins in Islam and he who is proud is arrogant. Prophet Muhammad told his followers that no person with an atoms weight of pride in his heart shall enter paradise. All human beings have the tendency to become proud but there are different degrees of pride. It could be so little that it becomes unnoticeable and it could be in a large amount, which is why we always pray to Allah not to make us among the proud and arrogant people.


The issue of pride goes all way to the beginning when Allah created the first human being, Prophet Adam. Allah commanded all the angels and Ibliss (Satan) to bow down and prostrate before Adam. Out of pride and arrogance, Satan decided to defy the command of Allah the Almighty and refused to prostrate before Adam. He told Allah that he was superior to Adam because Allah created him out of fire and created Adam out of clay. Allah then expelled Satan out of heaven and told him he would indeed be one of the dwellers of hellfire. In that scenario, Satan declared the entire existence and superiority of Almighty Allah untrue. Allah says in the Quran in Surah al Nisa “Allah loves not the proud and arrogant”.


There are two types pride in Islam; pride against the commands of Allah and pride against your fellow humans.

Pride against the commandments of Allah:

The worst form of pride is the pride against the commandments of the creator as we see in the example of Satan. Pride brings confusion in the religion of Allah and thus it corrupts the heart and prevents it from pondering over the verses of the Quran. As Muslims, Allah commanded us not to bow before anyone but him. That is why performing Salah is very important in Islam because Prophet Muhammad said it is the only thing that separates Muslims from the unbelievers. During Salah, the king, the slave, the poor, the rich, the homeless, the blind, the young the old all stand shoulder to shoulder in a straight line.  Prostrating during Salah shows how humble a Muslim can be because the closest way Allah can be to his servants is when the servants prostrate to him.

Pride against fellow humans:

Islam teaches us to be humble to one another. One of the characteristics of a good Muslim is humbleness and humility; pride is a characteristic of Satan. Pride could make people disobedient towards the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. It is only pride that will make a Muslim not to forgive another Muslim, when their forgiveness is being asked. When pride find its way into the hearts of Muslims, it swiftly affects the way we talk, act and treat others. Hence, a proud person will start thinking that he or she is better than others, forgetting that we were all created from clay and we have a grave to go to and a God to answer to. Pride causes people not to be content thus driving them toward an eternal pursuit of power and position. Pride pushes people away from the religion of Allah and the curse of Allah is on the proud and arrogant.

We all seek refuge in Allah from this dangerous disease of the heart.

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