World’s first rotating skyscraper to be built in Dubai

Dubai was known to be the first country to have had rotating restaurant and it’ll also be the first to have rotating skyscraper in the world.

This idea came about in 2008, but the project was put on a hold until now.

On February 9 2017, the educational channel “Your Discovery Science” posted a three-minute video online of the Italian architect David Fisher being interviewed on Dubai’s newest project, the Dynamic Tower.

The deadline for this project has yet to be revealed, but Fisher described the tower as, “the first building designed by four dimensions”.

“In other words, it is the first building that continues to change and never look the same” said Fisher in the video footage.

According to previous Gulf News reports, each apartment can be bought for $30 million (Dh110m) while the cost of the skyscraper will take $3 billion (Dh11b) to construct.

On the website of Dynamic Architecture it reads: “The Dynamic Group decided to have in this iconic landmark a ‘Wellness Experience’ instead of a ‘hotel’.  Indeed, it will no longer be a hotel but a new product in line with today’s life”.

“How many stars?  This hotel will be beyond stars.”

When the building is completed, it will constantly be changing as each apartment will rotate independently. The rotation will be at adjustable speeds.

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