10 amazing Dua (supplications) from the holy Quran

Dua simply means a way of establishing connection with Allah and seeking His Blessings and forgiveness. There are numerous Dua from The Quran and hadith that can be used to make our faith stronger; many such Qur’anic Dua are ones that were used by great Prophets when they prayed to Allah and those used by the Rasul himself. This article looks into 10 of the simplest easy to memorize duas from the holy Quran used by our great prophet and those before him when supplicating to Allah (SWT).

1.Surah Al-Baqarah (02:201) “oh Allah! Give us good in these world and good in the hereafter, and defend us from the torment of the fire”.

2.Surah Al- A’raf (07:23) “our lord! we have wronged ourselves, if you forgive us not and have no mercy on us. surly, we are of the lost!

3.Surah Ibrahim (14:40) My lord! make me an establisher of prayer and also from my descendants. Our lord, and accept my supplication.

4.Surah Ibrahim (14:41) Our lord! forgive me, my parents and the believers on the day when the account is established.

5.Surah ta-ha (20:114) My lord! increase me in knowledge.

6.Surah Al-Anbiya (21:87) There is no Allah except you, be you glorified! Indeed! I have been a wrongdoer.

7.Surah Al-Mu’minun (23:118) My lord! forgive and have mercy, for you are best of all who shows mercy.

8.Surah Al-Baqarah (02:286) Our lord! Impose not on us that which we not the strength to bear! Pardon us forgive us and have mercy on us, you, our protector and give us victory over the unbelievers.

9.Surah Al-A’raf (07:126) Our lord! pour upon us patience and let us die as muslims.

10.Surah Al-anbiya (21:83) My lord! Indeed, distress has seized me, and you are the most merciful of all those who show mercy.

May Allah accept our supplications. Amin

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