10 Famous Muslim Scientists And Their Inventions

Muslim scientists and inventors were hundreds of year ahead of the European. They wrote countless number of books ranging from medicine to surgery and so many other fields.

Below are 10 famous Muslim scientists and their inventions.

#1.Ibn Battutaa

Ibn Battutaa

Ibn was a traveller and he was also known as Shams ad-Din. He is the author of ‘The Rihlah’ (a travel book).

#2.Omar Khayyam


Omar was a Persian poet, mathematician and an astronomer. He is well-known for his scientific achievements.



He was an Arab astronomer, mathematician and scientists. He improved existing values for the length of the year and of seasons.

#4.Jabir Ibn Haiyan

Jabir Ibn Haiyan

He was the father of Arab chemistry and was known for his work on alchemy and metallurgy.

#5.Ibn Zuhr

Ibn Zuhr

He was an Arab physician and surgeon. Known by his influential book ‘Al-Taisir Fil-Mudawat Wal-Tadbeer’.

#6.Ibn Al-Baitar

Ibn Al-Baitar

He was and Arabic physician, scientist and a botanist who recorded discoveries made by Islamic physicians.

#7.Ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi

Ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi

He was known to be the first Muslim peripatetic philosopher. Ibn Ishaq was a scientists and a philosopher.

#8.Thabit ibn Qurra

Thabit ibn Qurra

He was the founder of statics and the first reformer of the Ptolemaic system. Thabit was an astronomer, mathematician and a physician.

#9.Ibn Sina


Ibn Sina

He was a Persian philosopher who contributed to Aristotelian philosophy and medicine.

#10.Abu Nasr Al-Farabi

Abu Nasr Al-Farabi

He was one of the preeminent thinkers of medieval era and was known as Alpharabius.

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