10 Interesting Facts About Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) No. 6 May Surprise You

You may know he is the central figure in Islam, or that it is forbidden to make any representations of him thanks to French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, but did you know the following about prophet Muhammed?

  1. His wife Khadija proposed to him at the age of 25, she was 40 at the time.
  2. He remained married to Khadija until her death at 65 without marrying anyone else.
  3. He married Sayyida Aicha when she was 9 years old, this was a time when this was accepted practice in all cultures all over the world. Including the West.
  4. Prophet Muhammed was a businessman.
  5. Prophet Muhammed was one of the few men in the history of mankind if not the only one that founded a religion, was a political leader and also a military leader.
  6. He did not consider himself divine.
  7. He once prayed until his legs swelled up.
  8. He first received revelations of the Qur’an at the age of 40
  9. He wrote letters to other leaders and heads of state inviting them to join Islam.
  10. Astrophysicist and Jewish author Michael Hart, places Prophet Muhamad (pbuh) as the most influential person of all time. He was ranked above other founders of religion including Jesus because he had a more direct role to play in the founding of Islam as a religion as opposed to Christianity which had St Paul as the main driving force behind the formation of Christianity as a religion.



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