10 most Islamophobic countries in Europe

Its an irony today that the only religion which preaches peace more than any other is now being tagged most feared, brutal and violent religion in the world. The origin of the bizarre misunderstanding may never be known, but the fact remains that the religion of Islam is faced with a great challenge of proving to the world that it is a religion which not only preaches and practice peace but also lead the way in ensuring peaceful co-existence among people irrespective of race, sex, nationality or religion.

Muslim lifestyle is subjected to interrogating eyes, comments and above all harsh reactions. There are countries known for stereotyping Muslims and their daily dealings with the world. Islamophobia in Europe is at its worst, as many of the European countries consider Muslims intolerable and therefore face torrid times during their jobs, studies and social activities. One basic reason for the phobia towards Muslims is the misconception that all Muslims are directly or indirectly connected to terrorism. This article looks into the top 10 European countries that are most biased and racist towards Muslims.

#1.France: Topping the list of our 10 most racist European countries towards Muslims is France. A permanent member of UN Security Council as such plays a pivotal role in European politics. Its anti-Islamic policy is evident from the laws and constitutional recommendations involving the ban on headscarf for Muslim women, a basic and obligatory Islamic teaching. According to a survey, over 70 percent of French population believes that Islam is not compatible with the French society and culture.

#2.Denmark: The country’s phobia for Islam was clearly expressed when it issued blasphemous images of the Prophet Mohammad. Another anti-Islamic act from the country was reported recently when a Danish political party offered help and support to those Muslims who would abandon Islam. Clearly, it was not well received by Danish Muslims and protests and movements against this program have been observed since then.

#3.Netherlands: This country expressed extreme hate for Muslims as one of the ministers televised the blasphemous images of the Prophet Mohammad. Muslims all over the world protested and Dutch Embassies in different Muslim countries were shut down as a result. Since then, a sense of hatred prevails in Muslims against the Dutch especially when the government did not show any signs of regret over the issue.

#4.Italy: Italy is said to have over 1.5 million Muslims. The Italian government’s phobia for Islam was obvious after it passed the anti-Mosque law earlier this year. According to some facts, as a consequence there are only 8 official mosques in Italy. Which is considered pretty low in comparison to the Muslim population that lives here.

#5.Russia: The country’s anti-Islamic sentiments were clearly expressed when a mosque was targeted and highly provocative anti-Islamic literature and images were painted on its walls. General reviews from people on many websites suggest Russian people possess high level of phobia for Muslims.

#6.Britain: Anti-Islamic extremism and phobia for Islam is expectedly high in Britain considering what happened to them in July 2004.  More than three-quarters of Britons population suggest that Islam is incompatible with the British society. Contrary to that a survey suggested that nearly 85% of Muslims in Britain were proud of their British nationality in comparison to 78% of non-Muslim British citizens.

#7.Germany: Over 70% of the German population is said to have negative feelings and attitude towards the Muslim community. German government policies and laws are somewhat anti-Islamic, and a stamp of approval was asserted by the German President, who negated the statement that Islam is an integral part of German society.

#8.Spain: Spain has quite a history with phobia for Islam. The country has had a wide Muslim population over the years. However, since the 1970s the country commences following strict immigration policy preventing many Muslims from entering the country. The Muslim population in Spain since then mostly comprises of Spanish nationals. Nonetheless, the muslim population continue to grow as many Spanish citizens started to accept Islam. Meanwhile, the government policies and the attitude of the citizens towards Muslims indicate the Islamophobia growing in the country.

#9.Belgium: Muslims make up about 5% of the total Belgian population. However, anti-Muslim sentiments do not cease to develop in the region. Anti-Islamic protests were observed in the country in spite of government ban. Leniency towards the protesters in this regards is a clear evidence of phobia towards Muslims. Muslim women wearing scarves and veils were reported to have been abused in public.

#10.Ukraine: Ukraine is going through a political turmoil and, therefore, restricts its immigration policies. Muslims have faced some consequences as a result, with the presence of PEGIDA, an anti-Muslim group, suggests that Ukrainian people may not have the warmest sentiments towards Muslims as such islamophobic.

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