10 Must-Have Books For Muslim Children

Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim and as parents, it is key to teach our children about the ways of life and especially Islam.

Below are ten books every Muslim child should have.

#1. Muslim Child

Muslim childWritten by Rukhsana Khan. This book tells stories on the perspective of a Muslim child and also helps in understanding Islam and Muslims.

#2. Under the Ramadan moon

Under the Ramadan Moon

Written by Sylvia Whitman. This book shows beautiful illustrations and the rituals a family does as they wait to see the moon for Ramadan.

#3. On Green Apple

On Green Apple

Written by Eve Bunting, this book talks about a young girl who moved to another city and found it hard to adjust.

#4. Golden domes and silver lanterns

Golden domes and sliver lanterns

Written by Hena Khan. This is a picture book that shows the Islamic culture and object shown, has a special meaning.

#5. Four feet, two sandals

four feet two sandals

Written by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed. This picture book talks about the life of two kids living as a refugee.

#6. 1001 Inventions and awesome facts from Muslim civilization

1001 inventions

This book shows inspirational inventions by Muslims that still influence time.

#7. The sky of Afghanistan

The sky of Afghanistan

Written by Ana A. de Eulate. This book is about a young Afghan girl who dreams about peace in her country.

#8. Snow in Jerusalem

Snow in Jerusalem

Written by Deborah da Costa. This book show (considering the problems in the Middle East) the innocence of children fighting over cats.

#9. My mum is a wonder

My mum is a wonder

Written by Michèle Messaoudi. This books tells a story of a boy who sees the good deeds of his mother.

#10. The sandwich swap

The sandwich swap

Written by Queen Rania of Jordan. This book tells a tale of two best friends.


These books help children to know much about life.

Grab one now!

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