10 things to do when a fellow Muslim is dying

1.To encourage the person to engage in repentance. Our repentance is accepted from God at any time even if is minutes before one is overtaken by death and the Prophet of God, Muhammad (pbuh) informed us that as long as the spirit does not reach the throat, one can engage in repentance and it will be accepted In Sha Allah.
2.To motivate the person to ask for forgiveness: the person must ask for the forgiveness from any individual he/she has wronged before departing this world otherwise those who were wronged will demand justice on the Day of Judgment.
3.Charity: One must give in charity, for charity extinguishes sins. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reminds us, “Charity extinguishes sinful deeds just as water extinguishes fire.”
4.To remind him that he should have more hope than fear: Often when a person is close to death, they begin to fear all of the sins they have committed during their life. During these times, we should remind the person of Allah’s Mercy, and that they should have more hope in the kindness of Allah than fearing His wrath. The Prophet SAW said that: “None of you should die except having good thoughts about Allah.”(Muslim, 7412)
5.To moisten his face and lips: It is Sunnah to moisten the lips and throat of a dying person so that he/she can pronounce the Shahada. This is because the mouth becomes dryer during the last moments of death. Ayesha may Allah be pleased with her used to say: “The Prophet peace be upon him had a can of water with him. So he would enter his hand in the water and then he would wipe his face and say “There is no God but Allah. Death has its intoxications” (Bukhari, 6145)
6.To dictate the Shahadah to him without asking him to repeat it: The Prophet SAW said:
“Dictate to your dying people La ilaha illa Allah” (Aljami, 8550). However, this should be done gently in order not to anger the person.
7.Pray (make Du’aa) for him: The family member and visitors around the person should pray for the person in whichever language they want. The Prophet peace be upon him said: “If you approach the sick or dead person, then only say good, as the angels are saying Ameen to whatever you say” (Muslim, 2079)
8.Recite surah Ya Seen – chapter 36 of the Quran to the person: The Prophet (pbuh) informed the believers, “Ya Seen is the heart of the Quran. Whoever recites it seeking the pleasure of God and the hereafter will receive God’s forgiveness. So recite it to your dying person.” He also said, “If any person is on his deathbed and Ya Seen is recited to him, God makes his suffering easier.”
9.To hasten the act of paying his debts: It is important that the family members ensure that the dying person is free of debts. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “A believer’s soul remains in suspense until all his debts are paid off”.

Reciting the du`aa said by the Prophet: When Abu Salamah died, the Prophet peace be upon him said the following words: “O Allah forgive Abu Salamah and raise his degrees with those who are guided, and replace those whom he has left behind (with benefits), and forgive us and him O Lord of worlds. Make his grave wide for him, and light it for him.” (Muslim, 2080)

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