10 Things You Could Do During This Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is not only a month when Muslims abstain from food and drink from before sunrise to a little after sunset, but also everything we do in this blessed month enable us to develop our Taqwa (piety). This is a month when Muslims strive to improve upon their Imaan.

Below are 10 things we could engage in during this blessed month, and hopefully some of these would develop into habits.

#1. Praying the Sunnah Salat

During the month of Ramadan, there are countless extra blessings we can attain and an easy way to gain this is praying our voluntary prayers before and/or after the obligatory Salat.

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Salam) said:

“Allah will build house in Jannah for whoever is diligent in observing 12 Sunnah Rakat; as follows; 4 Rakat before and 2 after Zuhr, 2 after Maghrib, 2 after Ishaa, and 2 before Fajr.” [Tirmidhi]

#2. Read the Noble Qur’an daily

For every letter you read in the Qur’an, you will be rewarded 10 rewards. The perfect opportunity for us to develop a routine of reading Qur’an daily is during the month of Ramadan. It is very important to make the reading of the Qur’an a part of our daily lives.

#3. Increase your remembrance of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla)

This is as simple as doing dikhr (remembrance). You could do this while in the car, at home, working or in school. You could do this at any of your free time. Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) said in the Qur’an:


“O You who believe! Remember Allah with much remembrance.”

(Chapter 33:41)

Here are a few common things you could say;

  • SubhanAllah or SubhanAllah wabihamdihi
  • Alhamdoulillah
  • La hawla wala quwwata illabillah
  • SubhanAllah (x33), Alhamdoulillah (x33), Allahu Akbar (x34)

#4. Do not engage in unnecessary talk while fasting

If a person comes to you and engages in non-positive talk, you should say to the person “I am fasting, I am fasting.”

#5. Give extra charity

You should find a way to give extra charity every day, in addition to your Zakaat (obligatory charity).

#6. Visiting a sick Muslim:

Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) blesses the one that visits sick Muslims.

#7. Standing in prayer on the Laylatul Qadr

The reward for praying in this night is equivalent to a thousand months.

#8. Providing food for breaking the fast

“Whoever provides food for breaking of the fast for a fasting person receives the reward of the fasting person, without the reward of the fasting person being reduced in any way.”

#9. Asking Allah to forgive all Muslims

Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) also blesses the one that seeks for forgiveness for believing men and women.

#10. Attending lectures and events in the Masjid

Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) grants the person that goes to the mosque to teach and learn what is good the reward of a pilgrim that completes his Hajj.

May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) grant us the strength to make the best out of this Ramadan.

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