10 Ways To Fully Utilize The Last 10 Days Of Ramadan

As we approach the last ten days of the glorious month of Ramadan, Muslims are often seen to increase their religious activities; spending more time in prayers even at night, seen reading the Quran more often, spending more time in mosques, doing more good and even sleeping less all to seek the favour, bounty and blessings of their Creator. This is because this month is the best month of the Muslim calendar and the last 10 days of the month is the best days of the year. It is believed that among the odd nights of the last ten days comes a night called “the Night of Power” . The Night of Power or Qadr is the best night in the whole of the year, it is a night equivalent to a thousand nights of worship, forgiveness, bounty and Allah’s mercy to his slaves.
The last ten days are so important that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to leave home and go to the mosque where he will worship away from the distractions of the world. As such, Muslims globally emulate and do the same in order to rip the bounties of this month. This article focuses on how to easily manage your time in order to fully participate in salat and duas during this night;

#1. Try to take the Fridays off

In most countries around the world, Fridays are often seen as slow and half days, especially in Muslim dominated countries due to the mid-day break for Friday congregational prayers. Therefore, if you can, try to see that you get the last two Fridays of the month off.

#2. Adjust your work schedules

Trying to see that you all your activities fits into your daily free time so that you can spare more time for the night. Fit in every activity to fall preferably between morning and mid-day so that you can leave early, have time to nap and prepare for the night.

#3.Finish your pending errands before the last ten days

Errands which might come in the last ten days of Ramadan and prevent you achieving your plans should be dealt with, errands such as shopping for eid-gifts, clothes and more should be taken care of prior to this night.

#4. Limits your social activities

It is very important to devise ways for energy conservation during the day as you might need it during the long period of standing during the night. It will help if you cut down on social activities as this won’t last forever.

#5.Try to reduce worldly interruptions the best way you can

Staying away from the phones is one very difficult task, our mobile devices have become part of us and consequently, a source of distraction to us, find a way that you can reduce interference from it so that you can focus on your deen.

#6.Hire a babysitter

This applies to mothers who also want to engage fully in this night although spending time with your child is better for you. if you still choose to, then I think you will need the service of a sitter to watch after your kid/kids and engage them in activities while you have the opportunity to worship uninterrupted.

#7.Avoid iftar get together

It is nice to socialise especially with Muslim family during the month of Ramadan, but the last ten days is entirely for something even better. On the event that you have already committed to attend a get-together, try to back out politely without causing any misunderstanding.

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