13 Tips On Resuming Work After The Holidays

You’ve spent countless days waking up late, binge watching your favorite TV shows, and laying on the beach.You’re enjoying yourself and then you come to an uncomfortable realization: it’s time to go back to work. Making the transition from vacation to work may not be an event you look forward to, but it’s going to happen sooner or later.

Here are 13 tips to help you smooth your reentry into the daily grind so you can stay relaxed… And get things done

#1. Reassess Your Business Plan

As a company leader or owner, now is the time to review your business plan to determine if the company is headed in the right direction. If changes are necessary, it is time to make them before you get too far into the New Year. Don’t waste time doing things that aren’t working!

#2. Set Goals

Setting goals is an integral part of choosing the business that’s right for you. After all, if your business doesn’t meet your personal goals, you probably won’t be happy waking up each morning and trying to make the business a success. Sooner or later, you’ll stop putting forth the effort needed to make the concept work.

Regardless of your position, responsibilities, or company, it is safe to assume you have goals for the New Year. What do you want to accomplish over the next 12 months? Setting goals (short and long term) can help you regain your focus, as you will have something to strive for.

#3. Redecorate Your Space

Especially when hosting new clients, your office and its design sets the tone for what your business is all about. An impressive office interior design makes your business look more successful, professional and can help build client trust. It can make all the difference between winning new business and losing out.

It doesn’t matter if you work in an office with four walls or a cube, this is your space to decorate however you please (within reason, of course). Get rid of the holiday décor so you can look towards the future.

#4. Get Organized

Organizing your workplace is vital for your business to thrive long term. Along with establishing a sense of structure and order, an organized work environment promotes team spirit. Your business will also run more efficiently

There is no better feeling than a clean, organized office space. This may be the “boost of adrenaline” you need to get back on track.

#5. Exercise

This crosses over into your personal and professional life. From a personal perspective, more time at the gym will improve your health and mental well-being. Subsequently, this carries over into your work life.

#6. Eat Better

Start your day right- well-rested and with a good breakfast. Whatever your habits were over the vacation, the first day back will be a lot less stressful if you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep and have prepared everything you need the next morning so you’re not rushing and can actually get something to eat. Worse comes to worst, you can make an egg in a mug in a minute, miso soup and eggs for a hangover remedy, or shake up some oatmeal in a jar.

#7. Reconnect With Co-workers

The more time you take off, the more disconnected you will feel with your co-workers and supervisors. Be sure to reconnect as soon as possible, as this ensures that everybody is on the same page.

#8. Make A List Of Priorities

Taking this one step further, break these down by the day, week, and month. This goes along with being organized and setting goals.

#9. Start With Small Stuff You Can Check Off

If you’re still feeling like you’re only there in body, get a jump start by tackling just one small task. First have a list of tasks you want to accomplish for the day, and make sure there’s an easy (but still important) task on there at the top. Something as simple yet critical as following up with a contact on something discussed before the break works. There’s nothing as invigorating as checking something off your list.

Your small tasks at the start of the year may be just to get oriented. Attend your first classes. Read the syllabi. Make sure you’ve got all the supplies and books you need (or make the notes and preparations to get them). You’re off to a good start.

#10. Ask For Help

If you find yourself in a fog and are unable to get back into the swing of things, don’t hesitate to ask a co-worker for assistance. Explain your challenges and ask for advice and guidance. You may find that a few changes to your approach can help you regain your focus and feel better about the direction you are headed.

#11. Get Rid Of Negativity

Don’t get caught up in office gossip. Don’t let a personal friend hold you back from reaching your goals. Negativity has a way of killing your focus. If you let too much of this into your life, you may never get it out.

#12. Cut Back On Social Media

If there’s one thing that will kill your vacation mindset, it’s looking at your email backlog, which can be overwhelming. Automatically deleting all email while on vacation is an extreme measure for this common problem, but there are many other ways to handle vacation emails. You don’t need to spend as much time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can do this on your own time, but don’t let it overtake your life when you are on the clock. How can you do your job when the only thing you care about is posting pictures of your lunch on Facebook?

#13. Leaving Early And Other Tactics

Most schools start their semesters in the middle of the week to ease into the year, with shorter days in some cases. If you have flex time at work, taking a few afternoons off when you come back from vacation is a tactic we’ve noted before for getting back into work mode.

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