14 Islamic Technology Start-ups to Seek Inspiration From

The Jury is out, and the verdict is that the Muslim Market represents the greatest growth market opportunity as a quarter of the world’s population are Muslims, and are mostly found in emerging markets with huge population growth projections such as Africa and Asia.

What this means for investors is that it makes sense to start investing in products and services that cater to the Muslim Market. We see a growing trend of Modest Wear in the fashion industry and the steady growth of Islamic financial services, but what about the tech industry? This article introduces 15 innovative Muslim Start-ups that you should keep an eye on!

#1. Noor Kids

Founded by Amin Aaser, Noor Kids is an aspiring media company that seeks to develop “confidence in the religious identity of little Muslims by engaging children with Islamic education and Muslim cultures.”

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#2. Holiday ME

The Muslim travel industry is a $137 billion dollar industry and Holiday ME wants a slice of the pie. This middle east focused company seeks to be the one-stop shop for travel services tailored for the ummah.

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#3. LaunchGood

LaunchGood is a crowdfunding website that focuses on Muslim-centered projects and is the first of its kind. Founded by Chris Blauvelt, Amany Killawi and Omar Hamid, they have helped raise £2 million in crowd funding since launching, last year.

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#4. November Culture

A fashion company has to be on this list. Modest Fashion has become a force to be reckoned with, even western retailers are now stocking creations inspired by and for Muslim women.

November Culture was founded by the Malaysian pop star Yuna Zarari who has a large international fan base. They recently opened their first store in Kuala Lumpur and ship throughout the world.

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#4. Avow Apparel

This fashion company developed the “Cooling Hijab” now if that’s not Muslim Innovation I don’t know what is. Their slogan is “apparel for liberation”.

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#5. Alchemiya

Alchemiya Is a video platform that focuses on the Muslim world similar to Netflix, and is founded by Navid Akhtar and Ajmal Masroor.

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#6. Qeerad

Qeerad is a firm that seeks to bring together visionaries and investors focusing on social entrepreneurship using Islamic finance models.

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#7. Muslim ARC

Muslim ARC’s mission is to create dialogue about race among Muslims, considering that Muslims are the most diverse religious group, the organization seeks to bring race to the forefront of the Islamic discourse. It was founded by Margari Hill and Namira Islam in 2014.

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#8. Executive Muslim

Executive Muslim seeks to launch a professional networking portal for the Muslim world, think of it like Linked In, but for Muslims. Nassar Youssef and Tel Rashid founded it and it is in its late pre-launch stage.

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#9. Zilzar

Zilzar is a global online market similar to eBay that seeks to trade certified Halal products. It was launched in 2014 by Rushdi Siddiqui.

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Tafsir.io is a startup that seeks to have the Quran explained verse by verse by some of the world’s leading Muslim scholars.

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#11. Blossom

Blossom is a company with an innovative finance model by Matthew Martin. It seeks to provide a platform for halal financing through a profit sharing model called Musharaka. It recently moved from California to Indonesia to serve the country with the world’s largest Muslim population.

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#12. MuslimGirl

Founded by Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, MuslimGirl is a website that publishes stories and views of Muslim women around the world and by doing so, seeks to change stereotypes about Muslim women. It has grown to be really popular among young Muslim women since its inception.

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#13. ColorofChange.org

Colorofchange.org is the brainchild of Rashad Robinson and was named the 6th most innovative company on Fast Company’s 50 most innovative companies in 2015 list. Colorofchange is a platform for online political organization and mobilization. It is the go-to website for online civil campaigns.

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#14. Musallah

Musallah is another favorite, founded by Nushmia Khan and Rashid Dar, Musallah is an app that help Muslims find places in the city where Muslims can come in and pray. Restaurants and Churches may have prayer rooms, but a Muslim looking for a place to pray will not know. This is especially useful for someone visiting a new town or country.

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We hope you enjoyed this post and the Muslim startups listed here inspired you. If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to drop us a line below. Meanwhile, you can support these startups by sharing this post in your own social networks.

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