20 Famous People You Probably Did Not Know Are Muslims

What does Janet Jackson, Ellen Burstyn and Mike Tyson have in common, they are Muslims! surprised? great! we have more in store for you. Here are 20 famous celebrities you probably did not know are Muslims.

Famous comedian Dave Chapelle converted to Islam in 1998.


Shaquille O’ Neal-Was raised by his Christian mother and Muslim stepfather.

Muslim man

Iman Abdulmajid supermodel; was born to Muslim family in Somalia.



Rapper Ice cube-Converted to Islam in the early 90’s.

Ice Cube rapper

Famous 70’s singer Cat Stevens converted to Islam in 1978


Michael Wolfe Author and filmmaker converted and performed Hajj in 1990

Famous guy

Janet Jackson was raised as a Jehovah’s witness but converted to Islam after she married Muslim Wissam al Mana.

Janet Jackson

Dr Oz Turkish American celebrity doctor grew up in a Muslim household


Ellen Burstyn an award-winning actress, starred in Hollywood hits such like The Exorcist and Requiem For A Dream, follows Sufi Islam.


Akon-American artist of Senegalese heritage raised in Muslim household.


Fareed Zakariah, CNN News anchor and the host of “Fareed Zakariah GPS” Was born to Muslim parents in India.

CNN news anchor

Rapper/Actor Snoop dog also known as Snoop Lion converted to Islam in the 90’s.


American singer T-Pain.



British broadcaster and sister in law of former British prime minister, Tony Blair Lauren Booth.

lauren booth


American boxing heavyweight champion of the world/civil rights activist Muhammad Ali first converted to the Nation of Islam in 1964 then converted to Sunni Islam in 1975.


Lupe fiasco, American Rapper

American Rapper

Mike Tyson converted to Islam while in prison after he was convicted for rape in 1992.


Mos Def raised by parents who were part of the Nation of Islam but converted to Orthodox Islam.


Frank Ribery french football player converted to Islam after he married his wife of Algerian descent.


Busta Rhymes American rapper publicly declared that he is a Muslim in 2007.


We hope you enjoyed this article. This list is by no means exhaustive please share if there are any famous Muslim celebrities you may know or if you have any questions and/or comments otherwise.

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