20 of the most affordable online hijab stores available

Despite the millions of hijabis worldwide today, there is a considerable shortage of outfit options to choose from. As a hijabi, I’m sure you have had days when you needed a quick tireless shop for an unexpected upcoming event and there was just nothing available so you had to make do with what you already had (or does that happen to just me? Lol). Well these online purely hijab shops feature some elegantly modest clothing no hijabi can resist. Read on to see them!

  1. The Hijab Store


Based in the USA, the HijabStore.com is an online hijab where you can buy fabulous hijab jerseys, maxi hijab, hijab like al-amira and so much more! There’s also free shipping for orders as much as $50.

  1. Heart Hijab Shop


This store is run by experienced Hijab Specialists.  Heart Hijab shop sell at surprisingly reasonable prices with great costumer service. They have got free delivery and have maxi hijabs for as low as £2.85.

  1. Hijab House


Hijab House Online have great deals for as low as $9.95 $19.95 and new arrivals. They also feature weekly looks ,Skirts & Trousers ,Shirts & Tops .

  1. Hijab Store Online


Hijab Store Online offers the cutting-edge hijabs, underscarves and pins. Great quality hijabs and underscarves that you will wear time and again are also available. Luckily for you, they also have a worldwide shipping service.


  1. Hazanah


Hazanah offers Muslimah Fashion Islamic Clothing on a golden platter of elegance. From Ninja Underscarves to Turbans to Abaya Fashion & Clothing, the choice is yours. With a worldwide Shipping and FREE Delivery, the ball is on your court!

6. Modesty


This store features designer Islamic clothing on the trend list. Based in Canada, it is exclusively Hijab, Islamic fashion and Islamic clothing.


  1. Hijab Scarf – Wholesale Suppliers Online‎


With a Global Brands Coverage, you will have great deals with quality assured and trade assurance. What’s more it’s 100% On-time Shipment Protection and100% Refund!


  1. Hijab & Modest Fashion‎


Looking for Modern & Modest Dresses, Skirts Tops, Hijabs, visit the link above and you’ll be set


  1. Online Islamic Shopping


This Online Islamic Shop in India offers a range of Hijab, Abaya, Scarves, Islamic Books & Halal Cosmetics at very affordable prices.

  1. Divinity Collection


Interested in modern and modest hijab fashion?  This is where to go. Chiffon Hijab, Jersey Hijab, Chic Hijab Style, Islamic Fashion, it’s all available. They also have a free worldwide shipping service and a 100 Day Returns service.

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  1. Sara Khan

    Great list of websites! Thank you sister. I also like shopping at hijabdeva.com. they have some really unique hijabs.

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