30 Minute Workout For Muslims To Increase Strength and Endurance

The 30 Minute Workout: Great for Strength and Endurance , which Muslims can do anywhere at home or at the office.

This advice is from my own experience,  I work at home at a computer all day long and have been doing it for good few years. At first it is fine but after a while if you don’t pro-actively plan it, your health will take a hit.  This is why, having a fitness routine is important to make sure I get my daily and weekly exercise. As a general rule since i don’t have lot of time, I work out three days a week for 30 minutes. This ensures that I am getting exercise during the week and getting out of my apartment in Dubai. This is good for my energy levels strength and mental well-being and it keeps me happy.

What i do on Monday Wednesday Friday

My three workout days are Monday Wednesday and Friday, i done it like this on purpose since it gives me one day rest in between and weekend to myself. On those days ” I go to the gym and do the 30 Minute Workout but sometimes i just do it at home also.  The 30 Minute Workout  i don’t just run or do weight, i combine it and do both, which means I am getting my strength training and cardio at the same time. I have an app on my phone that allows me to set a routine that lasts for about 90 seconds from one station to the next. I do this without stopping for 20 stations which is just about 30 minutes. By the end of it I’ve exercised every major muscle group and gotten 15 minutes of cardio and it sure feels great.

Oh the 90 Second Supersets

During my workout I don’t stick to the normal routine nor do i do regular sets of 10 to 15 reps. I do one 90 second superset which consist of anywhere between 10 to 25 reps ” and it seems to work better than doing three sets of 15 reps per machine. I’ve been doing the  30 Minute Workout for six months and if you ask my husband he will tell you, I have come a long way and I am now stronger than I’ve been in the last 10 years.

Ok i guess, i am some what strong now – I currently perform:

25 to 30 reps at 150-170 pounds on the leg press

20 reps at 100 pounds on the leg extension

15 reps at 100 pounds on the leg curl

15 reps at 70 pounds on the chest press

16 reps at 100 pounds on the lat pulldown

17 reps at 55 pounds on the back machine

16 reps at 20 pounds on the shoulder press

18 reps at 50 pounds on the bicep curl

20 reps at 50 pounds on the tricep extension and 40 reps at 55 pounds on the abdominal machine.

If I can’t continue doing reps at the weight I’ve selected I simply hold the machine in the lift position until the light changes. This ensures that I am still building strength and endurance even if I physically can’t perform anymore reps.

Doing this workout three times a week has improved my coordination made carrying 15 bags of groceries up a flight of stairs a breeze and improved my overall mood.

More and more Muslims are taking their health and fitness much more seriously and i’m glade we are. People like Kulsoom Abdullah are leading the way for lot of us, she started lifting weights and fought to compete hijabi style.

Kulsoom Abdullah started lifting weights four years ago as part of her training regiment for taekwondo.

Kulsoom Abdullah started lifting weights four years ago as part of her training regiment for taekwondo.


Hopefully this routine above will help those who use it. Good luck and have fun. If you have any advice please add a comment below.

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