30 Things Islam Commands Muslims To Stay Away From

Islam as wonderful as it may be is probably the strictest religion in the world. It comprises of multiple rules and regulations which must be literally followed at all times. Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to know the main things that are forbidden and stay away from them.

Many of the prohibitions set by Islam are done to prevent and protect mankind from different forms of evils and dangers. As such it stops people from harming their minds, bodies, and souls while helping to maintain human relations and continuity of life.

The biggest thing that is forbidden and all Muslims must stay away from is ‘shirk’. It is ideologically wrong to distrust or stop believing in Allah. Shirk is considered to be the biggest sin in Islam as it is believed that nothing is equal to Allah and therefore, he is the only one worthy of being worshiped.

It is also forbidden to associate Islam with acts of magic, superstition and anything that may hinder one’s understanding of life and existence. In addition to these, it is also haram to do anything that will pollute one’s mind and lead to hatred. This is because acts such as malevolence, despondency and mistrust are generally believed to kill man’s conscience and moral intuition and therefore, will hinder the growth of the individual.

It is also forbidden to take part in any action that may lead to the detriment of one’s health. This includes drinking alcohol, eating the flesh of pigs, dogs and other unhealthy animals or animals killed by strangulation.

Islam also makes it forbidden to harm the community and as such makes it haram to engage in acts such as oppression of the poor and weak, theft, telling lies, false allegations, cursing, bribery, homicide, gambling etc. This is mainly geared towards ensuring the safety of the society.

Islam provides that perhaps the most dangerous things that Muslims should stay away from are carnal sins such as adultery, fornication, pornography etc. This is because such acts destroy both the society and the involved individuals as well.

With the above mentioned forbidden acts, it is sufficient to say that 30 things to stay away from as a Muslim would include:

#1. Shirk

#2. Magic

#3. Homicide

#4. Perjury

#5. Drinking alcohol

#6. Theft

#7. Ill-gotten money

#8. False accusation

#9. Adultery

#10. Fleeing from jihad

#11. Witchcraft

#12. Pride

#13. Cheating

#14. Hypocrisy


#16. Cutting off relations with family

#17. Breaking promises

#18. Emigrating to place where Islam becomes a risk

#19. Fornication

#20. Eating swine

#21. Squandering money

#22. Insulting the prophet PBUH

#23. Telling lies about Allah

#24. Cannibalism

#25. Drinking blood

#26. Backbiting

#27. Disrespecting one’s parents

#28. Sodomy

#29. Oppressing the weak

#30. Using abusive language especially towards the faithful

The principle is this simple: if it is haram, stay away from it to avoid punishment from Allah. Not only is the forbidden act haram but also any act leading to the said act will also be forbidden, as well as giving or showing support for the act.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that we were able to shed some light on prohibitions in Islam. The list is by no means exhaustive so add your voice to the conversation. Questions and comments are very much welcomed below.

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