4 Upgrades to Make Your Employee Break Area Improve Productivity

Managing and leading a team can be very challenging.

Often times, the pressures living up to a client’s expectations, while providing a relaxed work environment for your staff simultaneously is almost impossible.

As a leader, upgrading the space where they escape from the vicissitudes that come along with work is a great investment.

With that being said, let’s take a sneak peek at the various ways to ensure your team members are happy and more productive.

#1. Regular Breaks to Boost Productivity

On our previous article, we emphasized on the negative effects of burnout and offered solution solutions on how to prevent it. Burnout is something most employees battle with. In order to minimize the risk of burning out your team, you should encourage your team to take regular breaks daily. Statistics have indicated that working for working for 52 minutes and then breaking for 17 minutes yields maximum focus and productivity.

These 17-minute breaks are essential and should be taken on a day-to-day basis. It greatly benefits the body as standing and moving improves blood circulation.

#2. The Tranquility of Water

Not only is water an essential nutrient for the body, but consists of a relaxing property that has been cherished by humans for generations,

Nature sounds and especially the sound of water are very powerful sounds that create a calming, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  These sounds will help you feel more clarity of thought, relax you into deeper and longer periods of sleep and relieve anxiety and stress.

This is exactly what workers needs to help destress. According to a survey, it starts that if we were asked to imagine a place that brings us peace or relaxation many of us would think of a place that has some sort of water.

Of course, you cannot bring the beach to the office, but a fountain can be installed where employees can sit near their lunch breaks and distress.

#3. Games


One of the best invests you could possibly make within the office as a killer breakroom. And what is a break room without games? Feel free to cater for activities like ping-pong, pool or foosball. Allow your employees to unwind and distress with some friendly competition. Moving around instead of continuously looking at the monitor will promote health and mental stamina.

Make sure the break room looks totally different from the rest of the office and have a cool vibe. The biggest companies like Google and Apple have a zero percent employee turnover rate simply because they’ve provided their employees with an excellent working atmosphere that boosts their productivity, and overall performance.

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#4. Employee Feedback

Your office is the place where employees spend most of their time. So it’s fair to say the office is huge part of their lives. So you need to encourage them to give your feedback on what will improve the space. Being open to their suggestions will make them feel heard and make them feel appreciated. Thus boosting their productivity. A suggestion box is one of the best ways to gather feedback regarding the breakroom.

A virtual suggestion is also a good way to go, especially in this digital era. Research has shown that companies that are open to regular feedback realize a 14.9 percent decrease in employee turnover.

A killer break room based in employee might just do the trick as it allows employees to feel valued and appreciated. Their efforts must be recognized and should be rewarded in more ways apart from salaries or wages.

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