4 Ways To Make Eid Memorable For The Family

Now that we are rounding up the last quarter of the holy month of Ramadan, attention is gradually switching to plans for the Eid. Eid al-Fitr is the first day of the month of Shawwal which marks the end of the month of Ramadan — the month during which Muslims are mandated to fast for 29 days. It is a time of festival for Muslim as it marks the end of the Ramadan starts with a congregational prayer and afterwards visits families, friends and colleagues exchange of pleasantries, dishes and duas.
In most families, it is always a normal routine — put on your best clothes, go to the mosque afterwards prepare yourself to meet all the relatives of your life dragging you from house-to-house and that’s it. This article proposes few ways you can change that routine this Eid al-Fitr by doing something different, surprise the family this year.

#1.Get the family involved

Usually, as Eid approaches, mum is always responsible for the shopping and dad takes charge of making sure the new outfits are ready. This year, get the kids involved and let them participate in something like the decorations. Let them blow the balloons, cut all shapes of moons and stars and hang the decorations around the house. Invite the neighbours and their kids try to make it as lively as possible for it’s a season of celebration.

#2.Leave the house

It’s a season to celebrate and not be at home either sleeping, watching or playing a game. Try to get the family out, and even if your neighbourhood is not that lively go someplace more fun like the amusement parks, participate in fun games like bowling or kart racing and at the end of the day everybody will come happy.

#3.Design the gifts yourself

Many families visit gift shops for gifts they wish to give out on the day of Eid. If you have been doing that in previous years perhaps you might want to make them yourself this year. There are numerous DIY videos on the internet on how you can design beautiful gifts yourself. Involve the family and let it be a family project.

#4.Give back

Eid is a day of celebration and also a day to reach out to the needy and helpless. It is obligatory for the well-to-do and those who can to give Zakat on this day to the poor. As such, you can add more to that by rounding up a couple friends and their families to volunteer for few hours at a shelter or elderly home can go a long way at implementing the spirit of Eid.

There are other ways to make Eid al-Fitr memorable for you and your family this year. You can make a difference and it is never too late if you don’t try you will never know.

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