4 Ways To Make Your Website’s Call-to-Action More Effective

In this day and age, websites have been created with most attention being given to color and text to grow attention.

However, customers desire something more than just beautiful designs, be it instant access to information they need or help with issues they may be having.

You may have the buzz for your website, but if it is unable to convert visitors into buyers, you’re on the wrong path.

It’s essential that your site ensures visitors take some action of one kind or the other, making them your customers in the end.

Here’s how to improve your website’s call-to-action.

#1. Simplicity

Businesses have been carried away with designs, features and relaying a message that they complicate their call-to-action.

The best calls-to-action are simple and easy to understand, attracting customers to do a certain act that may end up with reward. Remember that you will have new customers that may not know anything about you or your product. Complicating your website will be sure to draw them away.

An example of a post that highlights simplicity is the “I Want To…” feature that permits visitors to have two choices of action to take. Take note of the other choices that your customers may have in your call-to-action.

#2. Immediate Action

Customers that know they will get an immediate response to a query will be sure to stick around.

To convey a sense of immediacy, words such as “today” or “now” will work best. Words that show urgency will definitely produce better results.

According to an insurance executive, JD Weisbrot, “If you’re promising immediate action, it’s important to provide it… Set up auto-responses to form submissions that let customers know how quickly they can expect an answer. If you can’t have someone available 24-hours a day to offer an instant response, simply let them know you’ll respond within one business day or 24 hours if you have someone replying on weekends.”

#3. Actions, Not Words

If you’re looking for a design mimic, Evernote is it!

If you want customers to take an action, be it to download or purchase, you ought to give them a good reason to. You must be able to sell your product so well that they have no other choice than to try it out themselves.

Your landing page is paramount. Keep it simple. Use simple designs and visuals that go with the text. Fonts should be easy-to-read and short but direct texts will do.

#4. Prominence

According to research, most website visitors hardly scroll down to the bottom of a web page. Thus, it is essential that you draw them from the very instant they land on your page by giving them reasons why they should take actions and then letting them know what actions could be taken.

If you keep all of that at the bottom of your page, you’ll be sure to suffer a huge loss because wouldn’t end up scrolling down.

The best way is to make it obvious. Place your call-to-action at the top of the page and as evident as possible.

These are just a few of the ways to make your business website succeed in the ever-competing world. If you have any more tips to add, place your comments below.

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