5 Most Common IT Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

From small to large scale businesses, most of the work done is linked with their technological aspects. This however is a big mistake most people make, because these aspects are assumed to be vital in running the day-to-day business prospects. Unfortunately, in reality, they are overlooked and quite risky.

Technology is the epitome of most businesses, and as a result, most people might see it as an advantage to make fraudulent practices such as hacking into company database and leak organizational secrets. But today’s article would like to focus on the IT mistakes employees and managers make within the organization.

Here are 5 of the most common tech mistakes and tips on how to avoid them…

#1. Shortage of Technical Support

Although most business have admitted they can’t operate without tech support, most of these business who’ve made these claims lack proper and appropriate tech support they need to advance.

Statistics have shown that 40 percent of small businesses have reported that they manage their technical problems without seeking help from experts outside the organization. If you know your cooperation does the same thing in times of technical difficulty, then it’s high time you seek help.

Sure it might be expensive, but we both know that the further damage caused by amateurs are more if not double the price charged by professionals.

#2. Scarce Resources

The emphasis here is quite similar to the one previously stated. Most managers know how professional assistance is important, but till consider it very costly and as a result, they do the job themselves. But these people should know that if things go south, they will end up losing time and not to mention the files saved in that particular device.

Business nowadays is not easy as it seems almost impossible to afford additional expenses. These issues I believe must be part of your budget. Some forums also offer assistance and will direct you to the most affordable experts in case you’re on a very limited budget.

#3. Poor Protection

As we mentioned in one of our articles (click here), cyber security is one of the most important technological aspects when running a business. Research has shown that 94 percent of small business are worried about protecting their files and data; they just can’t afford to be leaked. However, most of them still haven’t improved their cyber security.

Physical protection is also vital in a business. A single electrical spark can cause you thousands, and a burglary can even cost you more.

Your employees may also be a threat. Don’t wait before it’s too late to start making allegations. Make sure you have built a very small circle of trust, and only individuals who you can rely on a hundred percent should be granted access to certain files.

So do ensure that your gadgets and computers are fully protected in both physical and online aspects.

#4. Poor Employee Tech Training

So you’ve managed to improve your security and made a few advancements here and there. But are you sure that your employees are reliable to handle these expensive equipment? Can they be trusted with your passwords and access to important organizational files? Most importantly, do they know how to operate them?

The average employee can only operate 20 percent of the programs to run their daily activities, so most of the expensive software installed in the computer are quite irrelevant and useless.

To save money and time, make sure your employees are trained properly up to the point where they can use the computers to their maximum potential. This can only be done through regular meetings, computer based incentives and experienced trainers.

#5. Poor Backup Strategies

Back up, Back up, Back up…!

This is another mistake most companies make by solely depending on technology to facilitate, organize and protect their data.

Companies may believe their back up plan is good enough, but on the contrary, they might have skipped a few steps to complete the process.

In the U.S alone, it has been reported that up to 14,000 hard drives crash every week. And two-thirds of that amount include company data. As a result, all of these companies lose their information in a blink of an eye. Due to this, most of the companies who suffered this loss are unable to recover their data.

All this could’ve been avoided if they adopted a better back-up strategy and had chosen the best amongst the various options. Backing up online is always an alternative, but it also has its misgivings like cyber hacking due to poor security.

However, with the IT consultants, most of these misfortunes can be avoided and your business will continue to stay afloat.

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