5 Muslim Females who ruled 2016

2016 was a roller coaster year. There had been a lot of ups and downs but nevertheless, we thank Allah for granting us the opportunity to make it to 2017.

Below is a list of 6 women who inspired us in 2016.

Rayouf AlHumedhi


We’re all so excited about the hijab emoji!

Meet Rayouf, a Germany-based Saudi Arabian teen and the brains behind the hijab emoji. She is only 15 years old and an inspiration to many.

Ibtihaj Muhammad


Remember the Muslim-America woman who was part of the American fencing team at Rio and wears the hijab? Even though she didn’t win, she earned a bronze medal thus making her to be the first female Muslim-American athlete to earn a medal at the Olympics.

Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour

Last year’s US elections was more focused on Muslims than the election itself. Linda together with her team spearheaded ‘My Muslim Vote Campaign’. This campaign was used as a motivation to Muslims to go out to vote and not be discouraged.

Zymal Umar

Zymal Umar

Zymal is the founder of a social project called Zee Bags. She is just 9 year old and her project is aimed at helping the underprivileged children and the environment. So far, all the proceeds (which has been made from the sale of the environmental friendly bags) has been given to the SOS village- non-governmental international development organization which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children.

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar

IIhan Omar is one of America’s shining Muslims that made history by becoming the first woman of East African descent be elected as a US State Representative. She definitely is an inspiration to many!

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