5 New Unique Business Ideas For Muslims

There are lots of Muslims out there who really want to start a business but don’t know what sort to start. Are you one of those? Here are 5 unique and halal business ideas you can choose from.


#1. Recycling Pickup

This could be a lucrative business considering most households have bins where they dump recyclables like glass, plastic and sometimes paper but very few of them actually recycle e-waste (old televisions, broken laptops, defunct phones, etc) .

You can collect those electronics and supply them to the local facilities that recycle for a fee. You can charge per piece, per gram, or a fixed price. This business will not only make you money, it also gives you the opportunity to do good deeds (waste can be extremely harmful to the environment when left in the landfills).

#2. Interior Decorator

Of course, you will need to have good taste and be creative for your business to be successful. New-home owners usually find it difficult to decide on the home decoration themes. You can establish a small business to cater to their needs and make money doing so.

#3. Jewelry Making

This business will require some skill so you should probably undergo some sort of training before you establish this sort of business. There are various sorts of methods to make jeweleries and different materials you can use. You will have to invest in specific tools used to make jewelery for cutting, heating and engraving metal to manipulate it into shape.

#4. Coaching & Mentoring

You can invest in a venue and establish your own coaching or mentoring company. You’ll prolly need to read several books before but you can become a parenting coach, life coach, business mentor, faith coach, or carer coach. You can start by getting yourself a well-versed mentor who can teach you the essential skills you’ll need to lead your business to success.

#5. Property Management

Managing other people’s business is a good business prospect, especially seasonal properties. Maintaining the property when the owner isn’t around. You can make regular checks on the property and establish a fixed price for it.

You can choose from any of these ideas and establish your unique business and watch it bloom into success. However, it is more advisable to choose a business that fits your location, culture, interests and abilities so success is easier achieved.

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