5 Non-Muslim Misconceptions about Ramadan

It was an enlightening moment for me when I heard my non-Muslim colleagues express their views on Ramadan. It really made me understand how difficult and strange things might sound simply because we don’t really understand them. The month of Ramadan for most Muslims is a month of absolute devotion which involves doing more of the normal activities some people find strange. Here are some of the common misconceptions of the non-Muslims.


#1.Muslims fast for 30 days’ straight

We don’t fast or refrain from eating or drinking all through the month. Muslims actually commence from dawn and break at dusk. This gives us time to rejuvenate and gain back our strength in order to carry out proper worship at night. Surely, going without food or water 30 days straight will entail suicide attempt.

#2.Every Muslim must fast

Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam, thus a necessity for all Muslims due to its bounties. However, the holy Quran made mention of categories of people who are exempted from this act including pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, the Aged, women in their period, and the chronically ill. These groups can make up for missing out on Ramadan by fasting when they can, feeding the poor or giving out charity.

#3.Muslims are allowed to abstain from food but not water

Muslims refrain from a lot of things that can distract us or invalidate our fast. Some of these things are clearly stated in Quran and they are eating, drinking and sexual activities between spouses from dawn till dusk. Failure to obey these nullifies the fast especially when done consciously.

#4.Muslims worship the ‘Masjid’ during Ramadan

The ‘Masjid’ (mosque) is any confined place outside the house where Muslims go to pray in congregation. Ramadan is one of the months during which Muslims all over the world are united in a common practice; eating together and praying the five daily prayers in congregation. Although these are part of the norms of Muslims, they are most observed during Ramadan. As such, Muslims are seen is flocks heading to the mosque to observe their religious obligations. They do not worship the mosque, they worship God.

#5.Non- Muslims shouldn’t eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan

As a non-Muslim, it is your choice to eat wherever you choose. Islam will not and doesn’t encourage the act of suppressing the rights of other humans. Of course a person may generally feel it’s wrong to eat in front of a person, but that’s a personal choice.

Every religion has misconceptions attached which are mostly coined by people who do not really understand or believe in them. However, they are not to blame because we can’t make good sense or draw conclusion of what we are totally ignorant of. Hopefully, this articles clears the reader’s thoughts.

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