5 Signs of a Bad Manager

Studies have proven that sixty five percentage of managers are not the exactly “the favorite guy” at work, which implies that there’s a 65 percent chance that your boss is just not so great. If you’re aren’t certain as to whether of or not your current manager is part of that majority, then the following signs will provide the missing piece of the puzzle.

5 Signs of a Bad Manager

No manager is perfect. It’s takes a while to develop such a skill that will make other be more fond of you. There are some scenarios where it’s hard to label your manager as good or bad, but in different cases it’s easy to tell when a leader isn’t as much as par.

It’s too late to change your attitude towards your employees as a manager.

Here’s a list of the most obvious signs to determine if you have a terrible boss…

#1. Terrible communicator

Communication is everything! Not just in the office, but other aspects such as socializing with others.

If you have a manager that hardly ever communicates or asks for your ideas regarding a certain project, then, you definitely have a horrible boss.

An excellent supervisor knows tips on how to keep up a correspondence along with his staff and take time beyond regulation to reply any questions workers may have. In any other case, employees are left to fend for themselves, and as a result, they’re most likely to be making mistakes because of the dearth of communication.

Terrible bosses hardly ever praise their employees for a job well done. Instead, they condescend to them and end up taking all the credit when something does goes right.

#2. Little or no constructive suggestions

Bad managers hardly ever give performance appraisal. The moment perform a task wrongly, they’re all up in your face to remind you of how bad you messed up.

Instead, they take advantage of your errors upon stepping up and “saving the day” after showing you how the job should be done.

Regarding feedback, you can kiss any hope of that goodbye, because the only thing you’ll hear from your supervisor is how your “sloppy work” is affecting him negatively.

#3. They’re no longer certified

Some of you might agree that there are a handful of managers definitely do not deserve their positions. Who knows? Maybe it was just their lucky day when the human resource manager had a crush on them during the interviews. At the end of the day, there still not fit for the position.

Sure, considering it’s a reasonable purpose. If it appears too complex for your level of expertise, perhaps it’s better for everyone in case you request for a transfer to one other position more suited for you, and at the same time you acuminate your expertise.

#4. Keeps Pointing fingers at others

Bad managers consistently looking to fly under the radar, so when things go south, they’ll have someone to blame. Great managers rip what they sow by taking accountability for their actions and not afraid to take one for team when needed.

#5. Unfair

If your boss doesn’t treat everyone fairly or equally, then color him a bad one.

This is one of the toughest administration issues to maintain. Regardless if your subordinate is rampant racist, the fact is that all employees deserve to be treated equally eve if they’ve acquired the lowest positions in the organization. Failure to do so seriously affect the morality of the company you’re promoting, so as a manager, boost your company morale by attending to everyone’s needs and respect their opinions.

There are numerous approaches to turn out to be a greater manager, however fixing what you’re not doing will have positive impact.

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