5 Things You Need To Do To Be A More Influential Person

If you’re a businessman, a salesperson, an employee at a firm or just someone who interacts with people on a daily basis, you must know by now that the most likable, persuasive and influential business owner makes the most sales. Enhancing your personal influence however is task as some people are just more prone to be extroverts and people persons than others due to circumstances beyond their control.

Here are five things you need to do to influence more people to buy your products or use your services.

#1. Enhance your critical decision-making skills

This is an important trait for anyone in any sort of leadership position to have. It’s necessary to make small decisions like where to hold staff meetings to big ones like where to spend marketing funds.
This skill and decisiveness comes naturally to very few people. Most others learn it. If you’re one of the many trying to master it, you can do it by examining your method of decision-making and search for weak points in your analysis and thinking.

#2. Learn how to make a concrete argument

This skill comes in handy almost everywhere- in presentations, high-stakes conversations, question and answer sessions, basically in any situation you’re required to explain and defend your viewpoint.

Exhibiting rationale in your arguments and being able to defend your opinion will significantly boost your influence on their decisions.

#3. Keep up appearances

Remember the cliché adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? It’s true.

Make a conscious effort in your appearance and notice how you’re perceived.

#4. Radiate confidence

Someone with low-self esteem can never be influential. Dress up immaculately, maintain the right posture, keep your head held high and walk the walk. Be wary of being too confident though, you don’t want to come off as cocky.

#5. Polish your speaking skills

This skill is a necessity for influential people. Countless institutes, organizations and establishments have speaking skills in high demand. Good speaking skills will always come in handy when presenting to boards of staff, speaking to worker, students, holding meetings, etc.

Don’t give in to your fear of speaking in public. Practice by putting yourself out there more, seeking feedback on your performance and making a conscious effort to improve on the weak points can go a long way in increasing your personal influence. Commence with less significant audience and make your way to the top.

#6. Keep up with current affairs

You wouldn’t want to be left out when your colleagues or board members are discussing about vital current affairs. Situations like that are opportunities to increase your personal influence. Seize them.

Influence is a prevailing skill for everyone- people seeking to climb up the ladder, businessmen, people in leadership positions, etc.

Influence is a powerful tool in becoming the leader or organization you want to be. If you develop these competencies, you will watch your influence soar. Remember that it won’t happen overnight and it will require hard work, consistency and a lot of dedication.

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