5 Warning Signs A great Employee’s About To Quit

Dissatisfied with the old work structures, a greater desire for a work life balance and a deeply ingrained entrepreneurial spirit, are just some of the characteristics of Gen Y employees that employers are struggling to come to terms with. Gen Y employees are already plotting their exit from the workplace even before they set foot in the office and from the perspective of an employer, this can come across as ungratefulness and a sense of entitlement. High employee turnovers threaten the stability of an organisation and for this reason, we thought it would be prudent to share tips on the tell-tale signs that an employee is about to or is considering quitting their jobs, before you get that shocking notice letter, ….and you thought he was loyal…..Smh

warning indicators a great employee’s about to quit

As a manager, I believe it’s in your best interests to be able to predict when your brightest workers may be in search of greener pastures and find ways to maintain their loyalty.

Here are eight warning signs that your workers maybe halfway out the door:

#1. Decreased efficiency

In the event an employee decides to depart his or her present function, they might start giving less input towards the work activities. The main reason behind this could be that the employee is now uncertain about how much longer he or she will be sticking around or might be distracted with the job search and as a result, the person might be distracted.

#2. Retaining odd hours

Arriving to work late, early departure and requesting random days are just some of the many early warning signs showing you’re about to lose your best employee, specifically if they’ve continually adopted the habit of informing you before leaving under such short notice.

Irregular time-off requests might also be a sign of trying to use up any remaining paid-time-off before quitting.

#3. Isolation

Employees who often seek solitude by taking frequent trips away from their workspace and cover up calls are definitely on the verge of quitting. So if you’re a manager, watch out for these signs and develop a solution towards your best interests.

The employee may be receiving calls from or making calls to potential employers.

In some cases it might be a personal problem they’re coping with. To prevent you jumping into conclusions. But persisted strange behavior like this could either be that personal issues are conflicting with work or they’re about to quit.

#4. Less interaction with co-workers

If an employee seems to be distant from co-workers, it might be a sign the person has already felt there’s no need to be obliged towards feeding personal or any work relationships whatsoever.

In any event the person stops participating or sharing ideas in meetings, without so much as a word from a normally vocal employee, then it’s high time you approach them and see what the problem is.

#5. Behavioral alterations

Staff who recognize they’re leaving the organization quickly tend to behave in a different way around colleagues and supervisors.

The worker may withdraw extra from the workforce within the place of work. Doing so prevents that particular individual from unintentional slipping about the desired resignation. In addition, is starts the separation process that ends along with her ultimate resignation.

Employees who’re usually chatty and open to colleagues will tend to be less interactive more serious. This however is a different case for employees who’re fund of keeping to themselves because they might find the nerve to voice out their concerns or issues with the organization.





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