5 Ways To Perfect The Eid And Make It Worthwhile For Your Family

For a number of Muslims out there, Eid is merely a “two times in a year routine” that doesn’t really change up. You welcome the dawn, pray Fajr, eat breakfast, go for the Eid prayer, exchange Eid salaams (greetings), get back home, maybe invite people over or go out, eat over and over again, get Eid money and eventually get to sleep.
But this year, why not try something new and make Eid the special holiday it’s meant to be? If new ideas are yet to pop in, here are some ideas of what you might love to do with your family to let go of the usual routine.

#1. Plan Before The Big Day:

You might want to call a family meeting a week before the Eid and plan what you want to do on the big day. Listen to each other’s suggestions and make the best use of them all. Maybe have dinner at a restaurant in the evening or invite other families over? And remember, all opinions matter; even the little ones’. You can also talk about the menu and sharing responsibilities such as helping mom out in the kitchen. Most importantly, make sure everyone has a day off from work or other commitments so the Eid can be celebrated the way it deserves to be.

#2. Sanitize And Adorn The Home:

Now everyone has to take part in this. Make the house sparkle by keeping it clean and healthy looking. If possible, renovate the house and decorate it with banners, Eid Mubarak signs, balloons, and so forth. As people enjoy work more while engaging in interesting things, put an Islamic CD on so everyone can sing along as they work. This makes the work faster and less boring to do.

#3. Create A Family Gift Give-and-take Game:

Be creative and set up a family gift exchange game where all family members get to pick each person’s name. So whoever picks a person’s name gets to buy that person a gift and vice versa. This is probably one of the most fun things a family can do as everyone gets to receive presents from one another. And no one should disclose a name until the big day. All you have to do is buy a gift for the person whose name you picked out.

#4. Purchase New Clothes:

It’s pretty obvious that kids will not feel the Eid is special when they’re made to wear the clothes they wore for the previous Eid. Clothes for Eid are a good investment as it is geared towards making your family happy. Buy something new or better yet, get everyone to prepare nice outfits that have stayed so long in those closets.

#5. Invite Families Over & Those Who Are Alone For Lunch:

Sometimes, certain people tend to be alone for various reasons but you can always help. At the Eid prayer, pay close attention to people and you’ll find some Muslims standing alone. Some of these people may either be new Muslims without friends or relatives. So play your part and encourage them by inviting them over for lunch and show them the “way we lovingly do things around here”.
Another idea that also helps is inviting family and friends at one person’s home where everyone can bring their own favourite dish to share and cater.
Now what more could a person ask for to make this coming Eid special and memorable.

Record these times as you have them and cherish every moment. Make your family bond stronger and have a blessed Eid in advance!

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