5 Ways to Promote Gender Equality in the Workplace

Gender Discrimination occurs in various forms in the workplace, ranging from different salaries for the same job to hiring one gender because society categorizes it as a specific gender’s job to restricting certain leadership roles for certain genders.

A lot of companies waste resources by not promoting gender equality in the workplace which can increase productivity as well as returns in the workplace. Gender equality can also help attract useful talents as well as reduce expenses. To achieve gender equality in the workplace, managements can take certain measures to promote gender equality in their respective workplaces. These actions may include

#1. Promoting the practice of equal pay regardless of the gender of the employee

More often than not, women in certain industries have been paid considerably less than their male counterparts over the past decades.  To promote gender equality, managements can establish and maintain equal pay for both male and female employees.

#2. No distinct treats for any specific gender

Giving special privileges to any specific gender can lead to gender inequality along with its numerous disadvantages. Instances when special treats are given to women include when they are allowed to head home early which will be discriminating on men. Both genders should leave work at the same pre-determined time to avoid giving special privileges.

#3. Establish an operating human resource department

Any company with good gender equality has a human resource department. This department will serve as a completely unbiased tool for justice in the workplace, this means that anyone who feels wronged in any way can report to the HR department.

#4.Eliminating stereotypes concerning gender

In this day and age, women are as capable as men in all aspects of work life. Most companies and even banks lose out on good talent by following the stereotype that men are better at maths and so make better accountants.

#5. Adopt firm rules against gender discrimination

Establishing and implementing firm policies against gender discrimination can go a long way in boosting gender equality among the employees and ensure a workplace free of gender discrimination.

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