5 Ways To Support Your Muslim Employees During Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic month and one which Muslims are obligated to observe by fasting from dawn to sunset. The fasting coupled with work can be extremely draining for Muslims and result in low energy levels you as an employer can make it easier and in return earn their loyalty and motivate them to work more efficiently.


1. Allow schedule flexibility

Flexibility in the working hours can go a long way in helping Muslim workers cope better with Ramadan. Trusting your employees to decide when to work, how to work and where to work can help them get more work done according to their productivity levels.

2. Provide a prayer space

The significance of a prayer space doesn’t occur to most employers. Providing a sort of ‘Zen room’ for not just your Muslim employees to pray, sit, think, meditate and basically de-stress.

This may not be reasonable for a start-up because they may not have the budget. Larger companies, however,  can benefit from feats like this.

3. Try to accommodate annual leave applications

Around religious festivals, employees commonly receive a lot of leave requests. For instance, employees may receive a large number of requests towards the end of Ramadan which is marked by the festival of Eid.

It may not be feasible to permit all the requests as an employer. However, you should give precedence to the Muslim employees considering that most of the Christian holidays are granted automatically.

4.  Limit the number of seminars, training events, and outside meetings

It may not occur to most employers how tiring it must be to attend endless meetings and training sessions on an empty stomach. Even worse if the Muslim employee has to decline food while everyone else eats around him/her.

5. Permit employees to work from home

Letting your Muslim employees work from home will be of help them be more productive considering they’ll be in their comfort zone. It would also save time because they wouldn’t have to waste energy on getting ready instead they can use that energy to work.

As an employee, you can discuss with your Muslim employees and work out practical ways to accommodate the holy month and still get the work done.

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