6 African Muslims that brought Islam to the United States

As a Muslim living in the United States I receive questions such as:

  • Are you Muslim?
  • Were you born Muslim?
  • Is your country predominantly Muslim?

Some even pass on comments such as:

“I’ve never seen a Muslim from the US wear Hijab.”

Quite a lot of people don’t know that Islam was brought to America by Muslims and below are 6  Muslims that brought Islam to America.

#1.Ayub Suleiman Diallo

Ayub is a Senegalese by national and from the fula tribe. He was sold into slavery and was famously known as Job Ben Solomon. His writings on memories of slavery in Maryland made him stand out.

He lived and died as a Muslim?

#2. Sali Bilali

Sali was born in Mali and was captured as a slave in 1782. According to the Abolition Institution, Sali’s last words before he died were the shahada.

#3.Bilali Muhammad

Bilali Muhammad was born in an area between Guinea and Sierra Leone. He was also a member of the Fula tribe and during his early years, he learnt the Arabic language and Islam. When he was captured into slavery, he was allowed to rise his status as a result of his prior education. Bilali Muhammad also wrote a 13 page manuscript on Islamic law.

#4.Abdulrahman Ibrahim Sori

Abdulrahman was born in Guinea and was known as the Prince Amongst Slaves. He was the son of King Sori from the village of Timbo and a military leader. He was captured into slavery as a result of an ambush.  He was married and had children during his years of slavery. After 40 years of slavery he got his freedom and on the way back way, he passed away.

#5.Yarrow Mamout

Yarrow was also born in Guinea in 1736 and was captured as a slave at the age of 14. He was very knowledgeable in Arabic (Islam in particular). He practiced Islam openly until his death in 1823.

#6.Omar Ibn Said

Omar was born in Senegal in 1770. He was captured into slavery in 1807. According to Muslimofusa, he was famously known as Omar Moreau and during the latter stages of his life, he converted to Christianity but before he converted, he shared knowledge in Islam.

These are the few that spread Islam in the United States. Their descents still live in the US and of course are US citizens!


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