6 Awkward Situations That Could Happen to Anyone During Eid

#1. Not recognizing family members you haven’t seen since last Eid

Sometimes we’re so busy catching up with life that we actually don’t have the time to check on family. The only time we get the opportunity to visit family members is on Eid. This creates an awkward moment as to how they’ll receive you and what they’ll say or even worst, not recognizing them.

#2. Being fed up of the invites to a tons of family gatherings

Most at times, we get invited to a lot of family gatherings that we find it hard to make it to all.

#3. When you have to take a day off from work, but you already asked a day off a week ago

Feels like quitting!

#4. That awkward moment when you’re vegetarian, so you have to explain why Eid Al Adha isn’t your favourite holiday

How do you explain to everyone that you don’t like Eid because you’re a vegetarian?

#5. Not knowing how many kisses to give

Were you one of the many that greeted a relative with a million wishes and not knowing where to stop?

That happened to me this Eid!

#6. That awkward question why you only visit your family members on Eid

If you haven’t visited your family for a very long time (an entire year) this question always pops up.



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